C. Bowman Post impressionst Landscape

Vincent Van Gogh "Starry Night Over the Rhone" ( September 1888)

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the artists that really create stories and depict life in a more artistic way. This painting is one of the many paintings that really take me into the painting itself. This piece especially draws the viewers eyes all over the painting, and creates life with its colors. Van Gogh chose a really textured way painting. This technique helps the viewer better understand the painting, and way he was trying to convey. He probably a combination of a paint brush and a palette knife.

You see lots of trees on lake bound islands with trees reflecting back on themselves, and when you look closely enough you see two people on boats. The words to describe this painting would be adjectives like, cool, dark, ominous, and hazy. I would describe this scene as a place that is beautiful and inviting in the daylight. But in late afternoon it becomes a different less inviting dark area of the world.The boats although look small are closer and the foggy tree line connecting the sky to the horizon is farther away. The colors are all a mix of a neutral and cool hues. The colors most used have blue based hue. I would title it “Island Bound”, because each section of trees are bound to an island. If the piece could make sound it would sound like a wolf howl and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.It feels like a fall afternoon in the mountains, putting a chill on spine making your hair stand on end, just to be comforted by the peaceful water. I think the artist did fairly well, they seemed to have an end picture in mind and came to that end piece, the painting looks complete and whole. They should see how the components of the piece flows together to create a whole. If I owned the piece I would frame and hang it just to look at and bring peace to room.

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