THE WORD ALIVE 'Misery' treatment by yellowbox films

Plot Line

  • The Word Alive band members are seen working at a fast food restaurant, miserable as hell.
  • They slouch, they sweat, they hate their jobs, but most importantly, they hate their customers that treat them so poorly.
  • They encounter several very shitty customers, some of them being members of Arizona bands. Daniel mentioned possibly the members of Asking Alexandria, The Maine, etc, who do not tip, are messy, are rude, and are truly miserable in their own lives to the point of treating their servers like dog shit.
  • Eventually becoming fed up, The Word Alive all give each other a look and its go time baby
  • We then cut to a HUMAN SIZED MEAT GRINDER, being operated by the Word Alive boys. The costumers fight and scream as they will soon be ground up.
  • The Word Alive boys laugh and take on a playful demeanor as their misery is no-longer.
  • Blood splatters on their faces and meat patties are shown coming down a conveyor belt.


we want the colors in their music video to all scheme well with each other. As seen in the above movie posters we have created, we want this video to have a throwback/80s vibe. Pink, green, red, electric blue will be used within our production design and wardrobe.


Restaurant: Julio's Too in Scottsdale

As you can see, Julio's has the same colors we have included

Painted Tiger Studio (not pictured)

Painted Tiger Studio is a fully functional industrial rigging warehouse/yard with lots of machinery that we will turn into our body grinder.


  • Proposed shooting dates: February 6- 8
  • Julio's Too must be shot at night due to the restaurant having to be closed.

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