Florida Museum of Natural History By Tilak Patel

Nature on Display

The mastodon exhibit was particularly interest because of the striking image of the prehistoric animal and the recreation of its skeleton, as well as its relative size to present-day objects. The leisure at which one can explore the museum made the experience that much more enjoyable. The layout of the mastodon exhibit as well as the other fossil exhibits make it so you can go through time and enter a space where you can think of the significance of the history of the Earth, putting into perspective humanity's place in the history of our world.

Nature & Ethics

Echoing Leopold, the biggest concern of humanity is profit rather than conservation. The Butterfly Exhibit spoke on that matter when I went into the exhibit. The way the rainforest atmosphere was recreated is truly spectacular. Whether large companies know or not, deforestation takes away the homes and communities of animals such as these butterflies, and are forced to become prey to other creatures in unknown environments. Nowadays, it is hard to come across such beautiful scenery; after walking out of the exhibit, I realized that all it takes is for every person to assume responsibility of this earth and make sure mother nature is not being wronged. Although, I can say that I was not able to fully enjoy my experience due to being engrossed in taking pictures.

Nature & the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum allows us to recognize our place in this world. We are able to see that Earth is a melting pot of different creatures and cultures and each one of those has their right on this planet. This exhibit of the Mississippians shows how they were one with nature and had their own community and values until Americans pushed them away, making America that much less culturally diverse. All of the exhibits help us understand that we are humans, creatures of Mother Earth, before anything, so we must do whatever it takes to protect it. These exhibits show the beauty of mother nature and all of the cultures she harbors and that it was always beautiful, is currently beautiful, and will stay so (with our cooperation) till time goes on.

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