Sophomores capture student life through vlogs By Molly Gold '21

While most Staples students think of YouTube as a website to listen to music, study for a test or keep up with their favorite online stars, some Staples students have a different perspective. They see YouTube as a platform to showcase their own lives and creativity online.

“Vlogging” is an extremely popular style of YouTube video in which the creator films their daily lives and activities. Three sophomore-run channels have created their own vlogging content after being inspired by successful Youtube influencers.

Georgia Cohen ’21

Cohen has been making videos and vlogs to share with her close friends for as long as she can remember, but didn’t start her YouTube channel until five months ago after constant encouragement from friends. Influenced by popular comedy vloggers David Dobrik and Emma Chamberlain, Cohen puts a humorous spin on her regular routines. Her vlogs feature everything from finals week to trips to Disneyland, but always make sure to showcase Cohen’s strong friendships. Many of her close friends appear in almost every vlog.

“I love vlogging because it is a really fun thing to do with my friends,” Cohen said. “It’s also cool to know that I am documenting memories that I can look back on in the future.”

JJC Vlogs- Josh Suggs ’21, Jake Motyl ’21 and Cameron Manna ’21

Cameron Manna '21 smiles with the JJC Vlogs channel home page

During the summer, the three best friends can be found going on crazy adventures and playing pranks on each other or other Westport residents. After seeing the popularity of other prank and adventure filled vlogs, they decided to create a YouTube channel of their own. JJC Vlogs are action-packed, as they often show Suggs, Motyl and Manna travelling around Westport and interacting with people that they meet around town.

“We have always wanted to have a YouTube channel,” Manna said. “Our favorite type of video to make is by far pranks, but we also love to just make funny vlogs where people can sit back and laugh.”

Daph & Mar- Daphne Baker ’21 and Marina Engler ’21

Baker and Engler are known by many students as some of the funniest people in the school. Their first vlog took place in Digital Darkroom, the class that originally inspired the duo to showcase their creativity in a new way. Many of their vlogs feature Baker and Engler playing their favorite sport: ice hockey. The pair are constantly on the go, causing their vlogs to be filled with different people and experiences.

”We are best when we are on the move doing silly things with silly people.” Baker said.

Because their vlogs showcase their self-deprecating humor and comedic editing style, Daph & Mar is a favorite channel among Staples students.

A constant theme among these channels is their ability to relate to regular student life through comedy. “I watch a lot of famous Youtubers and it’s fun to follow their lives," Romy Nusbaum '22 said. "But watching other kids in school is more relatable to me which makes them stand out from every other channel.”

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