The Last Years of the Republic By kendall Cautivar

In December 1844 Sam Houstonstood before the Texas congress to give his last speech

Anson Jones was a doctor from Brazilian and a veteran of the battle of San Jacinto

A son Jones won the election and became president for Texas

As president jones inherited the republics economic problem which was that it was in debt

Jones continued Houston'sd policy of limited government spending

Although economic problems were a major concern for many Texans president. jones was more worried about the prospects of annexation

The U.S. Government had not been willing to annex the republic

During the first months of in office jones kept silent on the issue of annexation but the people wanted action so they got frustrated with Jones

A few texans were interested in negotiateing with Mexico

As the demand for a convention to decide the issue of annexation grew stronger and the country debated whether they should stay independent or not


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