Jaguars By Dino

Jaguars are the largest big cat in South Africa and the third biggest cat in the world. At one point Jaguars roamed Mexico's border in the US .

Jaguars live alone and mark their territory with waste or claw marks on trees . Jaguars are sometimes called Panthers.

Jaguar's fur is usually tan or orange with black spots called ''rosettes.'' Jaguars can grow up to 240cm long and 75cm in shoulders height !

Jaguars are carnivores and would eat anyone or anything which is meat .Jaguars are found mostly in massive jungles and rain forests because there is a lot of meat in those areas .

Jaguars can only live up to 12-15 years in age. An adult can weigh between 45 and 113kg.

Jaguars scientific name is panther.


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