Tree Frogs By Adam Radcliffe

Tree frogs are a diverse group of amphibians with over 800 different species

Over 800 known species

Treefrogs feet are unique to other frogs because the last bone in their toes is shaped like a claw to help with climbing

Tree frogs also have special toepads to help them climb and move through trees and leaves

Many treefrogs have color changing abilities which are based off mood, mating, or camouflage

Tree frogs require high humidity to protect their sensitive skin.

Many tree frog species have been known to lay their eggs on leaves or trees positioned over water. When the eggs hatch, the tadpoles drop safely into the water below.
Tree frogs eat a variety of insects such as flies, crickets, ants, beetles, moths, and worms

The red eyed tree frog is the most widely recognized tree frog species because of its unique pattern and bright red eyes

White's (dumpy) tree frog is one of the largest sized species and is native to Australia
Treefrog paradise!


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