Marriage is a good idea. Emma bethea

Married couples are financially better off.

Once couples get married, they are living in the same house and paying one set of bills, one mortgage, etc. As well as cutting expenses in half, married men earn between 10%-40% more than single men. Married men also tend to have better saving habits since they are accounting for a lifetime of providing for one or more people rather than just for themselves.

It can ellongate your life.

People who are married live longer and tend to be healthier. Married men are less likely to smoke, drink heavily, or be physically inactive. Married men live 10 years longer than single men and are less likely to have back pain, headaches, and serious mental health issues. Finally, married people spend less time in hospitals and are less likely to die after a surgical procedure.

You will be happier.

Studies have shown that while only 25% of unmarried people would describe themselves as "very happy" with their lives, while 40% of married people would describe themselves as very happy. This isn't just true in America. A study of 17 developed nations also showed the same thing. Even the percentage of cohabitators who are "very happy" is only a quarter of that of married couples.

You will have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Married people specifically have a 5% lower risk of having cardiovascular disease than single people. While unmarried people have an 10.82% chance of having a Cerebrovascualar Disease, married people have only an 8.8% chance. This could be because married couples help to look after each other, making sure their spouse is eating right and excercising among other healthy habits.

Marriage is "around the clock companionship."

Though some people would argue that everyone can find companionship in friends or a boyfriend or girlfriend, marriage is the ultimate form of companionship. Marriage is having your best friend around you all day and all night. Every event from going to the grocery store to cooking dinner is made more enjoyable because you are with the person you love most and enjoy their company. This makes your overall happiness level and enjoyment of life greater.

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