My Love Story By:Addison Randol

I know love. It's when you feel butterflies in your stomach.You see them the one you feel for. You can barley speak feel like your about to explode. well that was the feeling I HAD until later but lets start with the beginning first then will get to the drama!

What every girl wants!

I was going to middle School the first time of course I was nervous but I had to stick together. I went to my new class met new kids even made a couple of friends on the first day I felt less nervous until I saw him he was so cute it was hard not to stare at him. So I guess you can call it love at first sight. I wanted to keep my crush on him a secret...but everyone knows I can't keep secrets so I said he was cute( Which was a HUGE mistake). Right then, everyone knew I liked him He even knew. I was fine with it until I found out he had a GIRLFRIEND. I hated her it had nothing to do with her dating my crush(...Yes it did). Even though I liked him I kept my distance from them both.


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