the real mayor bryanna

Once there was a little girl about 2 years old. Her parents didn't have a name for her when she was born, so they decided to come up with one. After arguing over and over again they decided to call her Hazel, because her birth was all a haze to them at first. They didn't know they were going to have a baby.

She is 12 now and her Mom and Dad are arguing a lot more than they used to. One day her Mom woke her up early and said they were leaving for a surprise. Her Mom told her to pack all her stuff up and put it in the van. They drove off for hours and hours, when she asked where her Dad was her mom would not say anything. They finally got to the surprise, Hazel saw a big old house in front of them. When they went inside and there was a lady with white hair, she had blue eyes just like Hazel's Mom. Hazel’s Mom said “Sweetie I'm going to leave for about two weeks and you're going to stay with your grandma”. Hazel took all her stuff out of the van and said goodbye to her Mom. As she watched her Mom drive away from her, she knew things were going to be different from now on.

Hazel asked “Where's my Mom going? and where's my Dad at?” Hazel's grandma never answered but looked very sad. Hazel asked “ So where's my room at?” Hazel's grandma took her up a long hallway that lead up some stairs which lead into a big room. Her grandma said this is where you will sleep and do your homework at. Her grandma left the room and went back down the stairs and down the hall. Hazel looked in the closet when she saw a button. The button was the same color of the wall. She felt like pushing it but she thought to herself that she had to unpack her stuff. So she picked up box after box and brought it through the hall and up the stairs into her room. As she unpacked the boxes she thought of her dad, she never saw him that much but he was around some of the time. Where had he gone she thought? When will she see him again? That's when all of a sudden Hazel went into the closet and pressed the button.

Hazel saw a hallway in front of her she went back into her room grabbed her flashlight and went in the hallway. It was dark and there were lots of spider webs. Hazel went down the hallway for what seemed to be a long time but eventually came to a dark room with a desk and some bookshelves. Hazel saw a light switch and turned on the light but the light was burnt out. The room was small but she didn't expect it to be big. Hazel walked up to a bookshelf and grabbed a book she read it until the 20th page and noticed the words didn't make any sense. She kept reading and they started making sense again. Then again they started to not make any sense Hazel ripped out both parts that didn't make sense and put them together. It said…

Hello my name is scott maves and i'm running for mayor in the year 1945 and I'm winning so far, I hope my friend who is also running for mayor doesn't feel bad if I win.

Hazel didn't know what to think so she crumpled it up and threw it away. Then the all of a sudden door closed behind her, she searched for another button but didn't see one. Then Hazel saw a picture on the wall she took the picture off the nail that held it up and saw a button and pressed it. The door opened and she went back into her room. When she got out of the room Hazel's grandma called her down to eat dinner. She ate dinner and went back up to her room and layed on her bed. She heard some footsteps coming from the hallway that lead to her room. Hazels grandma opened the door and said “Do you really want to know where your Dad is at?” Hazel said “Yes I want to know where he is at.” Then her grandma “Said your Dad is in jail for stealing.” Hazel couldnt hold it in she felt like she was going to cry. Hazel also new that she had to go to school tomorrow.

Hazel awoke she had fallen asleep on her bed crying the night before. Hazels grandma came up the stairs and said “Time to get ready for school.” Then Hazel answered “Ok” Hazel got up and got her stuff packed for school, then got on the bus. On the bus there was a lot of kids. It was so loud with the sounds of kids screaming and yelling. Hazel sat down with another kid in the front seat of the bus. After a long bus ride for about 45 minutes long finally Hazel got to school.

When Hazel got to school she got called down to the office. There she met the principal and he gave her a schedule and showed her the classes that she had to go to. Then the principal told Hazel to go back to the lunch room and wait until they were dismissed to go to class. Hazel saw some girls laughing and pointing at her so she decided to go talk to them. Hazel said “What’s up?’’The other girls just kept laughing and pointing at her.

The bell rang and they were dismissed to go up to their lockers. Hazel got to her first class which was history and sat down by another kid named Lewis. They were learning about World War 2. Lewis seemed so smart he raised his hand and every time the teacher called on him and he answered correctly. Class was over now and next she went to English class, they learned about summarizing. Sense she moved in the middle of the year she had a lot to catch up on. Then in study hall which is the last class of the day Hazel asked Lewis for help with her project in history. The more Lewis helped her the more they became friends. It was a long day of school but finally it was the end of the day. Then all of a sudden she realized that lewis was in all of her classes.

Hazel got on the loud and noisy bus home and sat in the front next to Lewis who was doing his home work, so Hazel just read all the way home. When she got home she went into the kitchen and asked for a light bulb. Her grandma Said “What for?” Hazel said “For um my… lamp, my lamp, I took the light bulb out of it when I packed.” Hazel's grandma took her into the laundry room and gave Hazel a light bulb. “Thank you.” Said Hazel. Hazel went back up to her room, grabbed her flashlight and went into her closet. Hazel pressed the button and went through the hall and into the room. Hazel moved the desk under the light bulb, and took out the old light bulb then put the new one in its place. Hazel went back by the now closed door and turned on the lights. Hazel looked at the wall to the right of her and saw a board it was black like the walls. She took the black board off the wall and saw a window.

Hazel looked out the window and saw a body of a old man in a container, with a weird liquid surrounding him. She screamed and ran into her room. Hazels grandma ran up the stairs and into her room. Her grandma asked “Why did you scream?” Hazel Answered “Because saw a spider.” Her grandma looked at her like she was crazy. That's when Hazel asked about the room she said “You know the room back behind my closet could we change it into a room that I could use to do my homework?” Hazel's grandma stared at her and said “Well no because.” “Because there's a dead man in the window.” hazel said. Her grandma stared harder at her. Hazel asked “Who is that in the window?” “That's your grandfather.” Hazel's grandma answered. Hazel ran outside and into the woods in the woods she saw a house in a tree. She climbed the ladder until she realized that there was no more ladder. Hazel saw a branch and climbed up into the tree, inside there was a desk and a chest with a lamp on top of it. Hazel sat in that tree house for what seemed to be a long time and then decided to head back.

Hazel walked back to the house when she got there she saw a her grandma waiting for her. “How did he die?” Hazel asked. “He was murdered!” her grandma answered. Hazel was determined to find who killed her grandpa. So Hazel went back upstairs and into the closet. She looked at the picture on the picture was her grandpa standing in front of a wall. Hazel looked on the back of the picture and saw a note she didn't see it before when she was pressing the button to get out. The note was recently wrote and on the bottom of the letter it had her grandpa's signature. It said...

Dear Hazel, If you see this than you're in my study room and I was murdered in the year of 1945. Also your grandma didn't kill me. She is innocent and was accused of murdering me. Sincerely, Grandpa

Hazel was suddenly less scared now she knew it wasn't her grandma that killed her grandpa. Hazel went back into her room and went to bed. It was late about 12:00 at night when she woke up to the sound of banging. Hazel quietly and quickly got out of bed, and went to the closet which is where the sound came from. Hazel opened the door and ran through the hall, and into the room. Hazel saw another note this time on the desk. It said...

Dear Hazel,

Your probably are wondering why you heard banging. Well it's because you wouldn't wake up. You're also probably why I brought you in here. I brought you here because you need to find who killed me and put him in jail. So that people don't talk about your grandma killing me. Tomorrow you have to skip school and go to the store to get some holy water, candles. Then come up to this room after and get the next letter. Sincerely, grandpa

Hazel went back to bed. When she woke up in the morning she went straight to the store and came back home to find her grandma waiting for her. Hazel said “ What are you doing here?” her grandma answered “Waiting for you to get here so we can summon you grandpa.” They walked up the stairs and into Hazel's room. Hazel pressed the button and opened the path to the study room. When they got there hazel found a note it said…

Dear Hazel and Sue,

I bet you're wondering how I died and who killed me I need to tell you in person not in a letter so follow these steps to summon me. First place the candles in a circle around both of you. Then do it again until you have 4 rings of cycles around both of you. After that light all of the candles if you miss one it won't work at all. Then pour the holy water in circle around the outside of the candles and make sure you don't leave a spot dry because if you do then a demon will get in. last you want to sprinkle some water on the ground inside if the circle and that's where I will stand or sit whichever you choose. Then say my full name including my middle name 3 times and say come in front of us.

Sincerely, grandpa

Hazel did what the letter said to do. ¨What if it did not work?” Hazel thought. Her grandma sprinkled holy water inside of the circle. They sat down on the dry part were the holy water was not at and said Scott Maves, Scott Maves, Scott Maves, then they said come in front of us. Suddenly someone stood in front of them. It was Hazel's grandpa he said ¨My best friend killed me, my best friend is the mayor.” Hazel's grandma yelled ¨Why would he kill someone he's the mayor.¨ Hazel's grandpa said “He thought I was going to be mayor instead of him being mayor so he killed me.¨ Hazel suddenly said ¨I will put the mayor in jail and he will get the death penalty.¨ Hazel's grandpa said ¨ If you're going to do that then you need to sneak into the mayor's house and kill him alone.¨ Hazel said ¨How will I do that?¨ ¨You will wear all black, you also need to go on the right of the house and there will be a vent it's white like the house is. Then you will crawl through the vent until you get to where he's at then jump down and kill him.¨ Hazel's grandpa said. They said their goodbyes and Hazel and her grandma both blew out the candles together. Hazel went into her room and grabbed her flashlight, pocket knife, and changed into all black clothes. Then she told her grandma goodbye and left a note saying what she did and saying goodbye in case it didn't go well.

Hazel got to the house there were guards around the front and back doors. She did what her grandpa said to do and crawled into the vent. She eventually saw the mayor and jumped down behind him. The mayor called security and ran to the back of the room. He said ¨Who are you and what do you want?¨ Hazel yelled ¨ You killed my grandpa.¨ The mayor said “I don't know what your talking about.” Right then security came in and grabbed Hazel. “He killed my grandpa!” Hazel yelled. The Security guards said “yea right.” Then all of a sudden everything stopped and a letter came down from the vent. Hazel unattached her arm from the guard's hand, and went to the letter then opened it, it said…

Dear Hazel,

Show this to the guards. The mayor killed me and my wife is innocent. You need to let Hazel go and tell everyone in the town that my wife sue is innocent. She was the love of my life and would never kill me. Know light this candle and put holy water around it and say Scott Maves, Scott Maves, Scott Maves, then say appear in front of me now.

Sincerely, grandpa

Hazel lit the candle and put the holy water around it, said Scott Maves 3 times then said appear in front of me now. She saw her grandpa and the security guards were amazed. One guard picked up the letter and read the letter then looked at Hazel's grandpa. He said “Hey guys read this Letter and look there's Scott Maves. Hazels grandpa said “It wasn't my wife who killed me it was him my best friend. He killed me because I was going to become mayor and he wanted to be mayor.” The guard said “ Where did the mayor go?” “look outside” Hazel said. Outside their was the mayor running toward the woods that lead to Hazels grandmas house. Hazel ran outside and into the woods. She saw him only a few feet in front of her so she ran faster and tackled him. The guards came running toward them along with her grandpa. She got up and the guards took him to prison.

Hazel and her grandpa walked to the house together. When they got home her grandma was waiting outside on the porch for Hazel to get home. When she saw her Husband she ran into the woods to hug him and Hazel. They walked back up to the house and went into the room. There they said their goodbyes and Hazel's grandpa left. Later that night Hazel went into her room to go to bed and heard a banging noise coming from the closet. She walked to the closet and into the room then looked around until she saw a letter. Hazel sat down and picked up the letter it said...

Dear Hazel,

Thank you for putting the mayor in prison. I love you and hope to see you again some day. I Know your mom is on her way to pick you up she will be here in the morning. Thank you and I love you Hazel.

Sincerely, grandpa

Hazel woke up the next morning in the room. She heard her mom down stairs talking to her grandma. Hazel packed up all her stuff and wrote a letter saying…

Dear grandpa,

Your Welcome grandpa I Love you to. My mom is here and I have to go home I will miss you and your letters.

sincerely, Hazel

Hazel went down stairs and said goodbye to her grandma. Then went outside to the van and they drove home. When she got home she unpacked all of her stuff and made her bed. Her mom called her down to eat dinner.

Her mom asked “So did you have fun at your grandmas house?” Hazel answered “Yes it was so fun.” hazel finished eating and went back up to her room. She saw a letter on her bed Hazel opened it and it said…

Dear Hazel,

Who said I was leaving?

Sincerely, grandpa

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