Lara Ostroff The Woman, The Myth, The Legend

Cal State Fullerton

all about me

Hey y'all, welcome to my semester project! I'm Lara, and I'm a 20-year-old student here at CSUF. I'm currently a second year Communications Journalism major, and I hope to graduate by 2019.

The Past


I was born and raised in The Bay Area where I lived with my mom, dad, and guinea pig. I decided to move away from home to go to school in SoCal because I love the weather! I'm a sucker for sunshine, and I love that even in the winter it feels like a summer in NorCal.

Fun fact

I once raised a baby duckling for two months. I lived on the water in NorCal because my house is on the bay, so every year during the spring baby ducklings would wander around my neighborhood. A duckling got stuck in a drain pipe and abandoned, so I got to keep it until the ASPCA could take it.

The Present

comm 317

I enrolled in this class because I have no previous experience with Adobe programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. I wanted to familiarize myself with them now so that when I enter the real world of media, I don't need to waste any time having someone train me in order to get a job done.


These are a few examples of how I applied the Photoshop skills I learned in this course. I'm no Photoshop guru, but I have a much better understanding of how to use Photoshop, and you can see the improvement in my work.

This picture was taken with my iPhone, and then I used Photoshop to crop and place my friends faces onto the image. To create this image, I used knowledge learned in class about layers within an image and the quick selection tool in Photoshop.
This was my take on the movie poster assignment, which was the first time I ever used Photoshop. You can tell that I am not a Photoshop master and my lines could be cleaner, but I'm still proud of it.


These images are from the first assignment in this class using Adobe Illustrator. With Illustrator, you can create and manipulate original content with all of the available tools. It's great for creating, but not editing.

In the first image, I wrote my name out and then used tools to manipulate the edges and lines of the font strokes. In the second image, I created a self-portrait using only circles, rectangles, and stars.

semester video

Oh, the places you'll go! For my semester video project, I take the class on a quick tour around a few places in Fullerton that I spend the majority of my time, including a grocery store, a coffee shop, and a library.

The clips from this video were shot on my iPhone, and then assembled with Adobe Premiere Pro. I drove around to the local Target, Starbucks, and the Pollak Library on campus. Shout-out to my roommate Ary for driving me.

The Future

data journalism

When I graduated high school, I came to CSUF with the intention of becoming a data journalist, where instead of basing articles on interviews with sources, I base them off of data collected from studies.

I'm hoping to figure that out here

That still appeals to me, but I'm not sure if it's what I want to do with my life. I'm hoping to figure that out here at school. Taking classes that I wouldn't normally enroll in has helped me figure out if I have any secret talents or hidden interests I have yet to discover (so far nothing). I wasn't required to take this course, but I wanted to see if it would interest me (it does).

That's All Folks

Thanks for reading/ listening/ watching my life story!

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