Israeli-Palestinian Conflicts By: Hannah preston

What is the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts?

  • The Jews believe strongly that they should own the land and use the history of the Israelites to say that it is their biblical birthright to do so.
  • The Palestinians are very head-strong and determined to own this land for just their own self reasons.

What issues make the conflict between the two so complex?

  • They are both stubborn, selfish, and very prideful. The cannot let even the thought of a peace treaty run through their minds because such an idea would mean defeat. So by not doing something to create a compromise between the two anger is filling their hearts and they are seeking self-determination to do whatever it is in their power to get this land.

How has this conflict resulted in changing the borders and demographics?

  • The Palestinians were breaking out into violent protests which led the Israeli army to retaliate harshly against their population as a whole.

What was the Olso Accord and was it successful?

  • The Olso Peace Accord, in 1993, was and establishment and which limited Palestinian self-rule in parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, agreed to the establishment by Israel.
  • It was not very successful, in fact little progress was made in the following years and disillusionment set in among the Palestinians, causing another in infintada to break out in 2000. By then the violence had escalated to a whole new level of extremes.

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