Single Parents

We believe that God is a God of restoration and new beginnings, and that He has a purpose and plan for every person—no matter their life experience. Single Parent Ministry is about healing, restoration, unconditional love, and acceptance. You will find all of that here. It is our desire to bring help and hope to single parenting families and to offer support throughout the unique circumstances they may face.

Single parents are whole families and with God’s help, we desire to partner in equipping you to raise and disciple the next generation.


You now have free access to thousands of video Bible studies and supplemental materials for study on parenting and an incredible set of resources in RightNow Media Kids.

Don't Go It Alone - Let us help connect you with a group of like minded believers!

The Secret of the Sequoia Trees: In the Muir woods, just north of San Francisco, lies an incredible forest of breath-taking sequoia trees. These trees, reaching almost 250 feet into the sky, are considered to be the largest living things on earth. Many of them have been alive for over 1,500 years, enduring nature’s fiercest winds and storms. What is the secret to their permanence? Contrary to what you might think, it is not a deep root system. These trees’ roots only descend four feet into the earth, extremely shallow for such immense trees. The reason for the sequoias’ sustained growth is their support system beneath the earth’s surface. Sequoia trees only grow in rows or groves. You will never find them growing alone. The roots of these trees interlock with each other, and this is the secret to their survival through the centuries. What a lesson for the body of Christ! Just as no sequoia grows alone, no believer grows alone.

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