E3-E4 Portfolio Kooper Edwards

-Spirit Animal Origin Story-

This is taking place a long time ago, in the mountains where the kitty cats of the wilderness were dominate. I’m talking like Saber Tooth Cats. These times humans lived in tribes spread out controlling their regions, keeping the area clean and communicating with the animals. The humans would trade crops and resources with the cat animals for food from the cats. But Animals in the area were getting scarce, making it hard for the cats to keep up with their end of the trade. The humans started demanding more food but it was nearly impossible for the cats to feed the humans and their selves.

So the cats thought of a plan, they would trade the food to the humans, then sneak in at night time and take some food back for themselves without the humans knowing. So they got grizzly bear paws and put them on their feet to make the tracks look like a bear broke in and did it, keeping the kitty cat group safe.

This as a master plan, it worked for weeks with the humans hunting the bears in the area. But it soon got to the point that there were no more bears in the area of the grizzly species. So this wasn’t very good because it made it so now the cat tribes couldn’t hunt that kind of food anymore and the humans think that bears are bad.

I made this poster off of adobe illustrator and it took a ton of time but am overall proud of my final result.
This is my resume i did, moderately proud of it ;)
This is a project i completed for my group, we are stranded on an island and i was in charge of making the main photo
This is a snowman I made from scratch for A&E class on Adobe Illustrator. this to me was my favorite work I've done for the class, it looks decently professional for my level of work.
This is my outlier poster i made showing key traits needed to be an outlier. This ended up as a pretty eye catching colors and a pretty minimalist look to it so im all around

Where one comes from matters. This is a very true statement, and being raised in an amazing environment helps a lot with being a better person. For as long as I could remember, I’ve gone to church, but not just the show up Sunday kind of people who do it to tell everyone they go to church. We valued what we were taught, and living in the small town of Burney, California, there was two churches in the whole town, and we felt like we could be getting more, so every Sunday we would drive an hour to Redding just for church, and sometimes twice a week (Wednesday worship). Then it go to the point of every other week we would drive all the way to Applegate Christian Fellowship out past Jacksonville. 6 hours round trip for a morning service. Religion gave me tons of values. I do believe church has had the biggest impact on my life. This helps me be a better person in just about every way possible. And my family, having 3 brothers, and two parents never being apart or having arguments helps me so I always have someone to go to. No divorces, just a typical textbook family. All these small things matter adding up in the end. Sports played large roll considering all of my brothers did sports and were extremely good, and for me I deal with adverse situations, but always find a way to overcome them by finding out what I did wrong and do what I can to fix it. Sports build character and when you have a group of guys with one goal in mind, it really shows how much you can do to make one awesome final product.

Right time at the right place. Well I think just graduating with the weather getting hot, I think starting right up for wildland firefighting would be great start to get money behind me during the summer to get ready for electrician courses. And I have a great mind for mathematics and wiring is something that is widely needed in lots of situations, and for me, cars have a huge wiring situation for so many parts of the car (especially new engines for swaps). And with construction taking off if I as an electrician can get a deal with a contractor that could be large amounts of money to be made and have a constant work flow.

Capitalize on opportunities. For me, I want to start out learning everything from the basics up. Once I know what I’m doing 100% and have enough money behind me, I would want to move further into the private sector and start my own business for electricians and hire people who are willing to work for me and have good standards. This way I will be able to help teach new electricians the basics and help them follow what I did and make it better however they can.

10,000 hour rule. Whatever my career has in place for me, firefighting or electrician, I will put my time in to become the best I can at it to better my future for myself and my family, and for my side gig, Working on scouts is a huge money maker, and most people don’t know much about cars, but I study scouts specifically, and being able to know them front and back, and having a love for them like no other helps a lot. Being able to buy, fix and restore them from the ground up including paint and body work. Scouts values have been driving up about 250% in the past 3 years (max our friend sold a finished one for was 8500, last year 22k) so this is a huge money maker.

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