Cultural Diversity FINLAND AND RUSSIA

Collectivism and Individuallism

A long period of time Russians have been marching towards collectivism. For example peasant community and labor cooperatives, local self-government and the collectivism of the socialist era. During the last 15 years Russians began talking about the individualism, which is expressed in the self-realization of the person ambition, freedom of choice. The worldviews of social organization have been clearly formed in relation to the native Russian, including the Soviet mentality, especially in the economic and legal fields. It might just be a consequence of the restructuring processes and also the result of the preliminary deep changes in the ideological consciousness. But collectivism and individualism are elements of the national mentality. A man has both the collectivist principles and the individualism. The reason is that the person lives in society and cannot exist without the society.

Finnish communication culture

Finnish communication culture has been a silent and monological, characterized by longish, slow-moving turns of speech, relatively long pauses. But all this seems to come on its end. Cultural contacts with linear-active neighbors are turning reactive Finns to linear-actives. Maybe in the future silence is not gold anymore. Conception of time is clearly linear and one-task-at-a-time for Finns. Finns dislike big talkers. Finns belong to the ‘listening countries’, in which speakers are rarely interrupted and silence can be constructive. It is considered impolite or inappropriate to force one’s opinions on others, it is more appropriate to nod in agreement.


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