Minutes 8/28/17 Secretary, Kara Donovan

  • Invocation by Senator Brock
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll call by Secretary Donovan
  • Senators Shankar, Petty, Sommer, Reinker, Violette, Rozman, Godbold, Seymour, Sridharan, and Sincavitch were found absent
Presentation by DEN President Collin Braeuning
  • Founded through University Innovation Fellows
  • Ideation, formation, & monetization are the main focuses
  • 70-80 students at opening meeting this year
  • Future direction is the creation of DENx, a more rigorous, structured program
  • Looking to expand majors, further develop network
  • SP: what majors/colleges are represented?
  • CB: majority STEM majors, largely engineering, also graphic comm, education, nursing
  • PG: what can CUSG/school overall do to enable students to be innovative?
  • CB: a testing ground for crazy ideas, some funding if idea gets past about 2 months
  • MH: exhaust speaker’s list
  • BB: objection
  • Speaker’s list not exhausted
  • IK: have you thought about partnering with classes in different fields that do similar things?
  • CB: would love to, dedicate half hour of meetings to feedback, work with many grad students and students in senior design
  • BB: how do students get involved?
  • CB: very relaxed, no application, there are options for a CI but not mandatory, Mondays 5:30-7:30
  • BB: how is this different from the SPIRO institute?
  • CB: a different approach to letting students design, majority of DEN is part of UIF, SPIRO institute more focused on monetization aspect
Presentation by Clemson University President Jim Clements Ph.D.
  • Messages have been sent out that are anti-hatred, violence on this campus and society
  • 5100 new students, demand for those spots highest it has ever been, up 38%
  • Average SAT 1300
  • Average ACT 29
  • Highest academic class coming in
  • #1 career services
  • Safest college in country by USA today- reflection of the culture
  • 28 students receiving major scholarships or fellowships
  • Incoming freshmen will live in Douthit Hills, bridge students in Lightsey
  • Sirrine built in 1930s, breaking ground soon on new business schools
  • New CIO, from USC (Southern Cal)
  • New Dean of College of Science, from UCF
  • New Director of Undergraduate Admissions, from Penn State
Academic Affairs, Shreya Shankar
  • Over the summer, worked on reaching out to the Deans of each college to discuss standardizing and making research and internship opportunities on campus more transparent.
  • CUDIRS still going strong. Come out to the library Tuesdays at 12:15
  • Academic Affairs will be meeting (will fill in once last 2 senators fill out my when2meet)
  • Contact Information:
  • Shreya Shankar | 843-260-4372 | shanka2@g.clemson.edu | @ShreyaTheSlaya
Athletics, Josh Hutchinson
  • Updates
  • Working to perfect ticketing policy with Athletics
  • Use the following URL: www.clemsontigers/students
  • Register your CUID several hours before the ticketing window to make sure that you can login to your account
  • Make sure you do not have any holds on your account. The system will not let you get a ticket if you have holds on your account. Working to fix this but until then, make sure your account is clear of any holds.
  • Go into the ticketing portal right at the time it opens i.e. go in at 5pm if your window starts at 5pm
  • Avoid using mobile devices when getting your ticket. Especially apple mobile devices such as Iphones and Ipads
  • We are working very hard to perfect this system so please be patient
  • Banner and I are meeting with Chris Fiocchi this week from Campus Rec
  • The new sauna and steam room should be fully functional soon if not already (haven’t been in there yet)
  • They got new equipment to replace old machines that were chronically breaking.
  • Got rid of trophy cases to add interactive TVs about Fike
  • Mat Room renovation to come soon—probably mid semester
  • We got the Fike tailgate spot back and will be distributing that to student orgs as they apply.
  • Shout out to Izzy for heading this up
  • Projects
  • Ticketing policy tweaking
  • Campus Rec project management
  • Fike tailgating spot for Student Orgs
  • Athletic updates
  • Expecting big things from K Boogie as our starting QB against Kent St.
  • Trevor Lawrence is a Magician and I cant wait to have him on the field next fall
  • BB: motion to open the gallery
  • Alyx Farkas: personal statement from gallery
  • Petition for clemson ticketing policy, sat in Central Spirit block last year
  • Athletic department, ticket office, does not provide ticketing policy
  • Student gov’t decided to do away with blocks
  • Felt uninformed as a student
  • Visited IPTAY office and was told that you need to get lucky and keep trying
  • Have had to wait over 20 minutes to get a ticket
  • Over 600 students have signed the petition
  • JH: first school to be using this new system, decided to do away with blocks based on student feedback, have to work with athletic department to set ticketing policy
  • From gallery: appears on the system that you are assigned a random place in line, can no longer log in at lower class times like in previous years
  • JH: not supposed to be putting people in line randomly, will pass that along to the athletic department, had not been told that you can’t go in for lower grades, but will be working with athletic department next week to change that
  • Contact Info
  • Josh Hutchinson | 803-727-3854 | jhutch4@g.clemson.edu
Campus Life, Jacob Livingston
  • Updates this Week
  • OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING FAIR HAS A DATE – Nov. 6th from 9 AM – 3 PM in Hendrix Ballrooms A & B!
  • Laundry Alerts are installed and good to go – tell all your on-campus friends!
  • Sloan has done incredible work advocating for more halal and kosher food in the dining halls, will be meeting with Kathy Hobgood and Dining leadership soon.
  • Multicultural Dining Hall Days start Tuesday September 26th – Latino & Hispanic Heritage Month
  • TigerFlix poll for suggestions going out soon
  • I’m sorry, the old Jacob can’t come to Senate right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause he’s dead! | jwlivin@clemson.edu | (843) 855-2516 | SC: @jacobsayshi | Twitter/Insta: @jacob_livvy
Finance & Procedures, Miller Hoffman
  • Welcome back Senators!
  • F&P Committee is Thursday at 8pm, come see us
  • Bylaws Task Force is continuing to work on revisions
  • Expect a large bill soon
  • Funding bills coming soon!
  • First Funding Board is Sept 6 @ 6
  • Committee Project updates coming soon
  • mhoffm5@g.clemson.edu // 803-412-5983
  • #undefeated
Health & Human Services, Madison Gregoris
  • Updates:
  • Welcome back!!!!!
  • Setting a date this week for HHS Committee meetings
  • Has been a busy summer for everyone but all planning to hit the ground running on a bunch of exciting new projects (yay!)
  • Condoms coming soon in the CUSG lobby
  • Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will be on campus at Brooks on September 14th from 11AM-Noon. Last day for advance student tickets are tomorrow, 1PM-5PM in the Brooks box office
  • Call me/beep me/if you wanna reach me | 3155592066, mjgrego@g.clemson.edu, SC: @madisonj315
Transportation & Facilities, Patrick Gorospe
  • Updates
  • 226 students signed up for ZipCar. 8 cars now on campus, with the latest two in Lightsey Bridge and the Library. Total Zipar member is now 805 Clemson students
  • Residential permits are down over last year, likely due to ZipCar
  • 510 BikeShare members with 243 bike helmets distributed. BikeShare CI will kick off soon
  • 695 less Commuter permits over last year, with downtown complexes contributing
  • 598 Park N Ride permits sold
  • 50 carpool groups (119 students) have been approved, reducing cars on campus by 69. Applications still in process.
  • 15 min CATbus service began on Wednesday and operated smoothly at no additional cost. Route no longer travels to SWU.
  • Meetings
  • Dan (8/15)
  • Green Crescent Trail Steering (8/24)
  • CUSG Leadership Orientation (8/25)
  • AA: resolution previously passed about LEV permits?
  • PG: working through that, will talk to director of parking services
  • ST: carpool permit application
  • PG: can pay for 2 cars, free for 3
  • HMU 803-371-0959 | pgorosp@clemson.edu | @heyitsmepatg (coffee, free food, friendship)
University Services, Mikey Summers
  • Beau - Research on Trust b/w Humans and Automation
  • Thomas - Internship at Columbia Police Department
  • Ashley - Travelled in Europe and Med-ex
  • Jacovia - Visualization REU at Clemson
  • Peter - Studied Abroad in South Africa
  • Catherine - Volunteered in Ghana and Applied to Dental Schools
  • New Business
  • New CIO Appointed
  • Russell Kaurloto
  • Previous experience leading IT division for the city of Los Angeles and University of Southern California
  • Green Crescent Trail Meeting
  • Food Summit
  • Clemson Libraries joined the Open Textbook Network
  • Several wireless improvements made over the summer
  • Resmedianet is available in all but a few dorms now
  • DUO is officially in front of iRoar and will continue to be incorporated into other campus online services
Clerk, Jack Council
  • Welcome back everyone!!!!
  • Don’t forget Fall Retreat Sept. 30- Oct. 1
  • Fantasy football?
Secretary, Kara Donovan
  • Points
  • Funding board
  • T&F fb post
  • Shoutout to F&P from last semester :)
  • Let me know ideas for prizes!!
  • Meet the Senators
  • Contact Info
  • (410) 220-7220
  • donova3@g.clemson.edu
  • Insta: @kara710
  • Twitter: @kdon710
  • Snapchat: @karadonovan710
Pro Temp, Steven Patrick
  • Fall Retreat
  • Who: anyone in CUSG
  • When*: Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1
  • Where: TBD
  • Why: synergy, learning, fellowship, and slapstick comedy
  • RIP Spring Retreat Shirts :(
  • Thx for attending last Friday
  • CHEGG Committee
  • The Pledge of Allegiance
Vice President, Jaren Stewart
  • n/a
Senate President, Leland Dunwoodie
  • Shoutouts
  • Fantastic summers
  • Emma Hume and Trevor Newton -- Trauma Kits!!
  • Christian Jones, Ashley Girvin, Lisa Uy, and “Unity Squad”
  • Updates
  • Cabinet contact info
  • Cookout Tues 9/12 6-8pm at UCentre
  • Steering Action Steps
  • You can always come to Steering: 7pm Sundays
  • Turn your passion into change
  • Owen Phillips: president of MakerSpace, starting reservation system for laser cutter, starting a CI to explore public art and technology, looking for a few students to join
  • Leland Dunwoodie | 269-759-4768 | ldunwoo@g.clemson.edu | @lelanddunwoodie


  • LD: Who wants to meet with Dr. Eric Lapin, Brooks Center Director, to discuss relationships and initiatives with the Brooks Center?
  • LD: CUSG Drop-In has changed to 5pm tomorrow, 8/29 in Hendrix Ballroom B
  • LD: My office has been stocked with snacks and napping material. Use that space however you wish
  • Killian: so proud seeing all the names of Clemson students on the statement regarding Charlottesville, look at that event in context of Clemson and need to start taking action, 2 projects from the summer- talking with Shreya on creating an ad hoc committee to develop a career center for students who want to go to professional schools, other project to create an art show around legacy day or Anna Calhoun’s bday- explore Clemson history through art (any sort of medium), add a research component to make sure history is incorporated
  • killiam@g.clemson.edu
  • JC: leading CUDIRS, starting next Tuesday, looking for professors to present, points
  • JS: applications opening up to be an OA, paid position, info meetings next couple weeks
  • TM: College Gameday run by students, happening through Tiger Vision on Saturday, back deck of Stadium Suites
  • JL: CUGA application is open now, meet lots of people and get to know the university better

Move to adjourn

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