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I am currently studying art and design in Toronto as an international student from Korea. It has been my dream to become an artist with a great mind filled with a lot of experience and knowledge, since art has to convey its creator's thoughts, story and philosophy. Illustration and fine art intrigue me, also graphic design is a field that I am passionate for.


The next destination for my goal will be Germany. After this Art & Design program in George Brown College, I will get into another institution for art, while I'm learning German as well.


My ultimate goal I wish to achieve is to make this world a better place to live. The world has not been an ideal place for everyone, and I doubt that it will ever be, however, the attempts to make people's lives better still can be highly valuable. As some point of view, art might not seem to be the most efficient way to make a change, but if artworks can affect people's thoughts or emotion and even enlighten them, it's enough to say that it has power to make a change, no matter how small or big it is. In order to realize this goal, I need to develop both technical drawing skills and critical thinking, as well as a lot of life experience. For this reason, I pursue creation of artworks that viewers can find the stories I want to tell.

  • Hand drawing
Market - Ink pen on paper, 2016
Pointillism&Line - Ink pen on board, 2016
Light study - Grey scale on canson paper, 2016
Light study - Pencil crayons on canson paper, 2016
Depth - Paint on canvas, 2016
Self portrait - Ink pen on board, 2016
  • Digital illustration
James Mcavoy - digital, 2014
Scarlett Johansson - digital, 2015
Movie scene #1 : Begin Again - digital, 2015
Movie scene #2 : Atonement - digital, 2015
Character tracing: Sprited away - digital, 2016
Hallway drawing - digital, 2017
Cameo - digital, 2017
Logo - digital, 2015
Icon set - digital, 2016
Hawaiian Shirt Design - digital, 2016
Pattern for Hawaiian Shirt - digital, 2016
Poster design - digital, 2017
Portrait, 2016
City #1, Distillery, Toronto, 2016
City #2, Distillery, Toronto, 2016
City #3, Distillery, Toronto, 2016

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