Modern Physics A page By Izaiha

Four Fundamental Forces. Four Fundamental forces are Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong Nuclear Force and Weak Nuclear Force. From the birth of a star to a birth of a child it includes these four fundamental forces. Weak Nuclear Force is Radioactive Decay. It plays a essential role in nuclear fission.
Gravity- Compared To the other fundamental forces Gravity is rather weak. You can overcome Gravity pretty easily by lifting your leg, arm, or just simply picking something up. Strong Nuclear Force is the force between protons and neutrons, The nuclear force is responsible for binding protons and neutrons into atomic nuclei.Electromagnetism the interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields. Maxwell created Electromagnetism over 150 years ago.

String Theory (Theory of EVERYTHING)

The strings in this video vibrate at different frequencies to create different sound waves, like in string theory how they vibrate at different frequencies to create different stuff.

String Theory goes to say that everything is made up of just 1 ingredient. String Theory would unify all particles. Gravitons in string theory are small things leading to other dimensions. SPARTICLES. This theory however can not be tested by any experiment.


Millionth Billionth of the size if everyday life. Its super frickin small. Quantum Mechanics describes how the world actually works at an Atomic Level. There is a possibility in Quantum Mechanics that you could walk through a solid wall but you would have to try to walk into it for almost an eternity.

General Relativity

General Relativity was Published by Albert Einstein in the early 1900's. General Relativity is a new way to look at the universe. In General Relativity they study Gravity Electromagnetism, stars, Galaxy, and the universe as a whole. General Relativity goes to show how Gravity works.


Unification-Unification came from one single equation. When going back in time to the Big Bang Weak Nuclear force, Electromagnetism, and Strong Nuclear Force could combine to be EW (over) S.

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