Science 7A Week of 3/9-3/13

Our grading cycle ends on April 3rd be mindful of your grades. Progress reports go out this week. Homework: Textbook pages 42-49 assigned last week is due on 3/9-3/10.

Natural Selection Unit Exam make up for Blue day (1/7) will take place on Tuesday tutorial session.

Natural Selection Unit Exam make up for Green Day (2,6,8) will take place on Wed. tutorial session.

M/T: Scholars will use their Photosynthesis Video notes and Photosynthesis/Cellular Respiration Foldable to compare and complete a R.A.F.T. Group Project. (1 hour) Scholars will then receive Unit Exams back and teacher will go over the question and answers. We will set up our carnations and celery to observe how the xylem and phloem affect turgor pressure in a plant.

WT: Scholars will make observations and record any changes in the turgor pressure of their celery and carnations, then they will explore the various parts of a plant and flower, recording notes in their notebook along with reviewing the organelle vacuole to understand it's importance in turgor pressure.

F: Scholars will review Energy Transformations.

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