1. What courses should I take in my first semester?

If you are new to public administration, you should take the introductory POSC 509 course. Other first semester courses should include POSC 526 Organizational Behavior, and POSC 523 Research Methods.

2. What is a study plan and when should I complete it?

After completing 12 units and choosing your concentration area, you should fill out a study plan with the public administration advisor. This will involve declaring your concentration and filling out an anticipated list of the courses you will take in the program.

3. How long will it take to get through the program?

Students enrolled part-time and working full-time should expect to take no more than two classes per semester, with program completion after three years. Students enrolled full-time and working part-time or not at all can complete the degree in two years.

4. How many courses should I take in a semester?

Students must take minimum of one course per semester, and can take no more than four at a time. Those employed full-time should take no more than two classes per semester and those employed part-time should take no more than three.

5. What should I do if I cannot take courses one semester?

You will need to take a leave of absence for that semester. To do this, you will get a form from graduate studies (linked below), fill it in, and get it signed by the program coordinator.

Graduate Forms and Documents: http://www.fullerton.edu/graduate/currentstudents/graduateforms.php

6. Is there a comprehensive exam or a thesis?

Students take a comprehensive exam, offered once a year in January. The exam is a take-home format, completed over the course of one week. Students answer two exam questions - one related to public administration in general, and one relevant to your concentration area. Students must successfully complete the capstone seminar, POSC 521 before taking their comprehensive exams. In extremely rare circumstances a student is allowed to complete a thesis.

7. Where can I find out more about the required courses for the program?

You can talk to your Admissions Coordinator, or you can visit the course catalog at http://www.fullerton.edu/catalog/

8.What if i need an internship?

Graduate students without current/previous public or nonprofit sector experience enroll in POSC 497 Internship in Public Administration. For NASPAA accreditation, graduate students must serve at least 300 hours in their internship Because POSC 497 is an academic class with regular class meetings and assignments, students earn 3 units of credit. For a list of public and nonprofit sector contacts and other questions about the internship class, contact Dr. Arsneault sarsneault@fullerton.edu

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