Tanny green kinda spring Inspiration for spring

This is what I wore. I like it and really think it's fabulous. I am wearing all earthy colours and being a long time fan of the colour brown, tan makes me add brown to my ensemble without going to the darker side of the spectrum. Army green is another favourite since green is already my favourite colour. I really enjoy the ability the pairing of these colours afford me.

Personally, I do think that doing the monotone style can be so versatile. There is so much to play with by just going from one side of the spectrum to the other. Take note that the sleeveless vest that I am wearing here is also another shade of green? Very cleverly done, I'd say.

I love stoles, I just do. Personally, I think fur stoles add so much class and glamour to outfits. They are just that one item of clothing I almost cannot leave home without during winter and spring. It just instantly lifts my garment up.

Of course I love, love the monotone look but I cannot help but relish a splash of colour! I have found red to be my first go to colour to add that pop. Oh what am u saying!? I am utterly biased to all colours with the red undertone. Maybe because I have a fiery personality or so I have been told but you all know that I'm a cool pussy really.:-)

That essential bag that is meant to hold us together. Oh ye! A carry all handbag is absolutely essential to keep us ladies together. What will we do with that trusted best friend that stays glued to us, hugging us very tight promising to never let go. Anyway, whatever you do, make that good friend a stylish one; one that compliments your look. I must tell you though that I have many of such best friends but I chose this particular one to accompany me on the day and dare I say that it kept my secret well and stayed by my side all day. I love you woolly. 😄

An that's it folks. Till the next time I see you. I blow you the kiss of love😘

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Demi Abbass

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