Chololate By Nicole Kelchen

Chocolate is a food that everyone likes, but how do you think it got here? Was it here forever? Was it just made as the people came? Is it man made? Or did the animals first discover it? Everyone likes chocolate, it is estimated that about 1 billion people eat chocolate a day! That is 15 percent of the population that eats everyday!

Everything has to come form somewhere right? Well in this case everything has come from the big bang. That is the 1st threshold of increasing complexity, so that is where I am going to start. Most scientists believe that it happened about 14 billion years ago, that it was exploded from a little bubble, and when it did hte temp dropped below 1 billion degrees. It was enough for different molecules to come together and form different thing. And then that was when the universe was formed

The picture that is shown above shows how our universe has evolved overtime.

But threshold 5 also fits into this to because this is when the people come onto earth. This is when the people started to find new plants and animals. It is when they found the cocoa tree. When they found it they started to take off the cocoa from the tree so they they could eat it. This could also fit into threshold 6 because it is collective learning. This connects to it because they were trading the chocolate they were also spreading new ideas on different ways to use it. This has been through different societies and through different times. It was first found in Central America, after that it went to different societies in Europe and then different places in the world, and this all happened at different times.

Above is a map of the world, this is supposed to represent how it has spread across the world.

I also think that threshold 7 can fit into this very well because in this point of time this is agriculture. It fits well here because in order to get more of the cocoa tree they are going to have to plant some more. This is also going to fit into the economy because the farmers are planting more of the trees, but they are also selling some of the cocoa so that they can get more money so that they can plant more.

This picture that I choose is supposed to represent the cocoa tree farm and where they get all of the chocolate from.

The sites that I used are,

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