Photojournalism Project

(8) Zachary Nowlin, senior, stares out the window contemplating whether Cookout or Tenko is a better lunch spot
(6) Athens Oracle students work hard to complete their photojournalism quiz
(9) A look back at an old issue of the Athens Oracle. The Oracle has been in print over 40 years
(7) Zachary Nowlin, senior, stares intently at the camera, demonstrating the same focus it takes to excel at being an editor-in-chief
(10) Zachary Nowlin, senior, swings a newspaper in anger after he learns that he didn't actually finish article 2
(2) Athens Oracle staff enjoys Bojangles after completing article 1
(4) Adam Shefet, freshman, stares intently at his computer. Whether he's actually doing work or just playing games is anyone's guess
(5) Athens Oracle staff works hard to prepare for the second issue of the paper
Ava Darden, sophomore, works hard to make the Athens Oracle website look great
Mrs. Hornick assists sophomores Adam Shefet and Carter Toran as they work on their next articles

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