Ecosystem By: Natalie brotherton

Question: How are living things connected?

Answer: Living things are connected by what they hunt, what they are hunted by, their ecosystem, and all of their resources. They are also connected by their different groups, but they are all consumers. For example: Herbivores : caterpillar - eats mostly plants. Carnivores : snake - eats worms, caterpillars, frogs, mice, fish, and small birds. Omnivores : Bird - eats insects, spiders, and seeds of plants. An example of what animals hunt is... a bird and a sloth, they both eat insects. An example of animal that are both hunted by the same thing is... a wildebeest and a zebra, both hunted by lions. Another example is of animals that live in the same ecosystem. Insects and snakes live in forests. The last example is of animals' resources. Giraffes and and bunnies use the plants and the leaves from trees to get their food.

Question: What happens if their are changes to an ecosystem or if one thing is removed from a food web?

Answer: If their is a change to an ecosystem, like if a wildfire burns done part of s tree, then some animals could loose their home, food, or maybe even their life. First of all, they would loose their home only if it gets destroyed or somehow they get lost, can't find their way back, and then someone else takes their spot. Second of all, they could loose their food only if they ate the food that got destroyed. Last of all, they could die only if they were in ( for example, a wildfire) whatever had destroyed the rest of the ecosystem. Now, I am going to tell you what would happen if something was taken away from a food web. If something got removed from a food web, for example, some kind of plant, then the deer wouldn't have anything to eat, then they would die. If the deer die then the predators of the deer wouldn't have any food and then they would die. If the predators die then we ( humans ) wouldn't have any food and we would also die. Even if one thing is taken out of a food web, then the whole world will be messed up!

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