Dichotomous Keys By: Lainie Simpson

What is Classification?

Classification is the arrangement of organisms into orderly groups based on their similarities

What is Taxonomy?

Taxonomy is another name for classification.

How Dichotomous Keys Work

Organism & Classification from Domain to Species

Red Eyed Tree Frog

Domain: Eukarya, Kingdom: Anialia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Amphibia, Order: Ahura, Family: Hylidal, Genus: Agalychnis, Species: Callidryas

Biomical Nomenclature

This is a system in which species of an organism receive a name of two terms that identify the species and genus it belongs to.

LEARN MORE HERE: http://www.scienceprofonline.com/biology-general/biological-classification-binomial-nomenclature.html

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