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About BB.

The singer/songwriter, musician, and producer is best known for his piano skills. Underneath the surface of his calm and cool demeanor lies the heart and soul of a creator.

"Ever since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed writing songs, musicals, and plays. It was my creative outlet and I was fortunate to have parents that supported my talents," said Black.

Carrying the same name as his father, a world-renowned preacher, author, and religious leader, BB. aka Barry Black, II began studying piano at the age of five and developed his music talents early. He was a paid musician by the age of 12. By the age of 15, Barry had performed full concerts, competed in a regional television vocal competition, winning the Producer's Choice Award, and performed for audiences throughout the US.

His signature musical style began to take shape in high school where he played and sang in the choir, performing around the world and expanding his musical vision to include classical, jazz, and negro spirituals.

The creative artist hasn't stopped working to become better and more truthful in his expression. Now as an adult, he writes melodies reflective of the spiritual, personal, and emotional real-world challenges we all face; creates visual representations and art that incorporate music and drama to tell a moving story; and works to expand his creative abilities to create new, authentic art in all forms. With a unique perspective and hopeful tone, his music, his voice, his perspective, showcase the strong passion and soul of an up-and-coming artist.

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