Islam Angel Alvarez & ArieAnna Harrington

People who practice Islam are called Muslims. Approximately 1,226,000,000 people follow Islam. They live in the Middle East and North Africa.

Islam began when the prophet Muhammad claimed to receive divine revelation from an archangel. Islam started at the start of the 7th century, it began or originated in the Middle East, specifically in Mecca.

Muhammad was the key person or prophet in this religion.

The religion expanded when Muhammad died, this created caliphates. These caliphates expanded outward from Mecca towards the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Trading played a big role in the spreading.

They believed in one god, named Allah. Their basic beliefs were to believe in one god, believe in angels, in the holy book, in all prophets, in the Day Judgment, and in devine decree. They also lived by the Five Pillars of faith.

The sacred text or the holy book were The Quran and the Hadith.

They worship in mosques.

The symbol is the star and crescent and was used as a metaphor for a representative of the western orientalism.

There are two official holidays which are Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Aana.

One interesting fact is that it is the second largest and fastest growing religion in the wold.

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