Raul Sengupta TABLA PLAYER

Raul Sengupta, the son of a German ballet dancer and an Indian engineer, was born in Hannover, Germany. Growing up in an atmosphere of joyous fusion, listening to Bengali Songs and Western Music, indulging in rassagolla and chocolate in the embrace of Tagore and Tchaikovsky, he discovered his love for music at the age of 6. The quest for a musical identity mirroring his own cultural journey, started with drums at the Academy of Music in Germany, leading him down a varied and multicultural path encompassing the various percussive traditions of Africa, Latin America and the Orient, finally returning to his Indian roots in Kolkata, where he studied Tabla under the guidance of Maestro Shankar Ghosh.

Raul has developed a melodious and fiery style of improvisation with his personal sound, in a set which combines both percussive and drum-set techniques. His passion for grooves allows him to lend texture and support to a wide variety of musicians, dancers and projects of different musical synergies.

Raul has performed and recorded around the globe with Prem Joshua, Nassir Shamma, Piirpauke, Nicolas Simion, George Bishop, Mahmood Sabri, Mahesh Vinayakram, Exhausted Groove Orchestra, JoseĢ Parrondo, Bickram Ghosh and Hina Sarojini amongst others.

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