Making a Moral Decision By: Daniela Rodriguez and Sophia lagos

Moral Object

The moral Object is the act that we are trying to distinguish as good or evil.

It is the act itself that we analyze using our moral compass.

The Intention

The intention is the motive behind the Object.

An integral part to making a decision is asking yourself why you did it.

It is the reason why someone does something.

It can be good or bad, and the intention can be a difficult thing to rule out.

For example, the killing of a human being can be out of malice or out of self-defense. The act is morally wrong, but the intention may not be.


The circumstance is the situation in which the action occurs in.

It answers the questions: who, where, when, and how.

Circumstances can increase or decrease the moral goodness or evil in a decision or action.

2 Rules Governing Intention

1. Your intention must be inherently good.

2. Your ends must justify your means.

This means that if the act is intrinsically good, then every outcome or consequence of the situation will be good and moral.

Circumstances Can Impact Acts

For example, it is worse to steal from a poor person than it is from a millionaire.

Also, it is worse to rob a bank, than it is to steal from a dollar store.

Stealing is intrinsically immoral; however, the circumstance makes the level of "bad" vary according to the situation.

The circumstance can impact the perception of how bad the act is.

Vincible vs. Invincible Ignorance

Vincible ignorance is ignorance that can be removed through research, learning or reasonable diligence.

Invincible ignorance is ignorance that we, humans, cannot be blamed for. Invincible ignorance cannot be removed through reasonable diligence. God's massiveness and omnipotence is a subject that falls under our invincible ignorance. As long as we live, we will never be able to use reasonable diligence to understand God fully. We are not culpable for not knowing God completely. It is physically not possible.


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