My Grade 9 Self By: CJ Brooks


Hi! My name is CJ Brooks. I'm 14 years old and I started grade 9 in the the fall. I am very picky when it comes to sports, when I was young my parents put me in everything, like dance and gymnastics but then I found my passions. I love competitive swimming, its one of my all time favorite sports. It's funny because when I was little I hated to the water and everything to do with water but now you can't get me out. I joined the Listowel Swim Team 4 years ago and I love it just being in the water makes me feel awesome with the team support I feel like I can do anything. My other passion is tae kwon do and MMA (mixed martial arts). I do tae kwom do and MMA in Mount Forest and it's so much fun. I recently got a gold in a tae kwon do tournament and I was so happy. When you are in the ring anything can happen when you listen to team yelling from the side your good. I love the gym I'm at, its safe to say its my second family. Therefore I've learned that you can't just do something by yourself, you need to practice and support and with that you can do anything.

Field Hockey: What was the most difficult aspect of this learning experience?

Field Hockey was a new sport to me and some parts were harder to learn and get down then other which were easier. I found the hardest part to learn in the whole unit was hitting the ball hard enough to get it to move through the grass. With that another hard part to understand in Field Hockey was understanding the rules. The rules are harder to understand then other sports. Therefore these two thing I found were the hardest part of Field Hockey.

Track and Field: What event or types of events would you choose to participate in? What is the rational (reasoning) behind your choice and how would you work toward improvement in this event(s)?

Out of all the events, I would chose to do Discus because in my opinion it is one of the easiest event to learn. With it being so easy to learn you would have lots of time to get tips and improve in the event. We never did Discus is elementary school, we did the normal events like Long Jump and Shot Put so learning Discus was a big step for me. Discus was easier for me to learn because from my swimming experience and doing front crawl. The way your arm moves is the same for both of the events so that made it easier for me. Discus is a perfect event for me because I hate running and I always prefer the field events and now I have one that I really enjoy. This is way I would chose Discus.

Football: Describe how you would teach another student, step by step, how to Hut the ball

Hutting a ball in football to the quarterback is easy but hard at the same time. First you have to bend down and grab the ball in one or two hands to get ready to hut it to the quarterback. Second you wait till hear the quarterback yell something like Blue 42. When you hear them say that you throw the ball through your legs to the quarterback. When you practice and practice you will eventually hut the ball right to them in your next game. Just keep practicing.

Volleyball:Why do you think that Volleyball is such a popular team sport and what is appealing?

I think that volleyball is a popular sport for grade 9 girls because its just fun to play. Volleyball is one of those sports were you are really going to like it or your really going to hate it. Something very appealing about volleyball is everyone takes part on the court and it runs like one big machine. The front can't win without the back and the back can't win without the front. It just works. This is why I think that Volleyball is an appealing sport to grade 9 girls.

Badminton:Would you rather play Singles or Doubles games?

I would rather play doubles rather then singles because it you mess up in singles there's no one there to help. For say your all the way at the back to of the court and then the birdie is at the front of the court and you can't get there in time. You would lose that point. In doubles you have a teammate that has your back throughout the game. Also there are so many rules to this sport and its easy to loss track of all of them, so when you have a partner you have someone to remind you. Therefore these are some of the reasons why I like playing doubles more so then singles.

Fitness: How did your scores change? Did you experience a decrease, increase or maintenance of your scores?

The scores that I'm going to compare are sit and reach because I think i really improved on that. The start of the semester I got to 40 on the sit and reach and at the end of the semester I got to the 44 mark. I increased in score and I think I did this because I did gymnastics for 7 years and that makes me more flexible then others. Knowing this i think that's why I got so far the first time. For the second time I think just building on my flexibility got me even farther. So I practised hard and still working on my flexibility can hopefully improve more next time.

Health: Explain why you think strong decision making skills is an important skill to have as you progress through secondary school.

I think strong decision making is a very important skill to have in secondary school because you have to make important decisions throughout secondary school. Some of your chooses aren't as important then others but when the big ones come they can be hard. Some people don't make the right decision and they might not have all the skills to make the right the decision, but going through the IDEAL steps you can hopefully make the right decision. When you have to a quick decision you might not have time to go through the IDEAL steps but most of the time you make the right one. Throughout high school there will be many big decisions that you have to make and knowing how to make the right decision is key.

Advice To My Grade 9 Self

There is so many things going on in high school and I have lots of pointers. First DON'T BE SCARED of high school. When I first came to high school I was terrified of it but when you've been here for a whole semester its a piece of cake. Second if you think your going to get lost, don't. LDSS is really one big Figure 8. Its nearly impossible to get lost after a week. So here are a few things to remember, show up to classes, be on time and don't be scared, everyone is really nice so if anything goes wrong just ask. Its normal to be scared but just remember to have fun.


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