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The reason why I chose this school was because of the 3 main reasons that acceptance rate is very high, the social life on campus is very interesting and diverse, and the tuition of the school is something in my price range.

Radford University is located in Radford, Virginia. And driving time form Hilliard to Radford University is estimated at 5 hours and 17 minutes.
Radford University Promotional Video: https://vimeo.com/18769946
The total population of students at Radford University is 9,401. The percentage of female and male is, female is at 59% and male at 41%. Radford University is best known for their sports and majors in health and business. Radford University is located in a city setting and its main attractions are downtown bars and parks to go to with friends.
Academically, Radford University is know mostly for its Health and Business majors. I am mostly interested in majoring in biology and chemistry due to the fact that I want to be a forensic pathologist for my career.
Most of the requirements for Radford University include an average GPA of 3.19. Also you will need an average score of 1070 on the SAT or a 20 on the ACT. Also the average percentage of applicants accepted into Radford is 89%.
Most of the students usually house in the dorms at Radford due to it being affordable and giving students the ability to be able to get out everything Radford has to offer them. But if a student doesn't feel like living in the dorms, Radford offers some off campus housing options on their website.
The cost for Radford is as followed. Tuition out of state is $22,046, room and board is $7,960, books and supplies is $1,100, transportation (if needed) $1,400, and personal expenses (estimated) $1,900. So the total cost for a year would be around $34,406.
Radford offers up to 9 meal plans but the one hat students mostly go with is the on-campus 19 plus plan. This meal plan includes the basic breakfast, lunch, and dinner with up to several snacks throughout the day.
Life on Radford is very active off campus. Students usually go down by the lake to go water boarding or usually go to festivals downtown and also go out with friends to sporting events. Radford also holds several clubs for very different interests. These clubs are full with many people with many interesting qualities, which help students meet other students.
Jayma Mays is a Radford University alumni and is a famous actress and singer. She is best known for being in the tv series, "Glee"

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