The Tenovus Talent Show WHY SHOULD YOU SPONSOR US?

Why do we need your sponsorship?

Tenovus Cancer Care is here help those with cancer cope, and through our vital research, we offer hope. We’re the leading cancer charity in Wales and, whenever you need us, we’re here for you. our aim with this show is to raise money to aid us help those who are in need.

What do we need your sponsorship for?

being a small non-profitable organisation our capitol is small, and solely funding an event of this size would put a massive strain on us as a charity. with your help we will be able to host our event and make the maximum profit possible to further our organisation with helping those in need.

venue; the most expensive part of this event will be the venue, our aim is to find a venue who will be willing to host us for free. what we have to offer in return is a large crowd who will be willing to spend money in your venue.

makeup/staging artists; as with many other shows costumes and props are a key part. making our own costumes and sets will be expensive and we hope that by gaining sponsorship from a local costume artist and a local staging artist we will be able to have our acts looking perfect and the quality sets to go along with them.

prizes; to attract enough acts to hold a quality talent show we will need something to tempt people to apply, we are hoping that buy having prizes this will attract the best of acts in the local area. we hope that your donations will either be able to contribute as prizes, or towards purchasing prizes.

here is a link to our website;;

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