A Self-Portrait Collage of Stina by herself, Christina Radatz-Sachs, M.S., CHES

Creativity In Health, Spring 2017: Creative Practice III

"Herself" and youngest fur son, Finnegan

So that's what I look like "in reality" -- well, I don't always have a kitty stuck to the side of my head . . . But puddytats are a big part of my life and always have been. It's kind of a long story – suffice to say that much of what is feline is part of this particular soul's constitution. ;-) I don't believe I necessarily chose that, per se, because I'm quite certain I arrived here with that already engraved upon me. Just one tiny clue – my first word in this lifetime was "Kee-Kee." I'll leave it at that for now. 🙃


The Main Cutouts -- Getting Organized: Ready to start trimming and pasting:

The Final Project: A Figurative/Abstract Interpretation of My Spirit Self

Next, I wanted to provide my video, attempting to explain this figurative self-portrait. Spark page does not allow you to attach a video directly from your computer; it has to be a URL link through spark video, website, or YouTube. I tried for a while through the spark video app, to no avail; then went to upload it to YouTube and it has remained stuck at 95% uploaded. So, I hope to be able to attach the video on Canvas, when I provide the link to this page. It is a 5-minute video. I kind of "hmm'd " and "uhh'd " at points, because I guess verbally explaining it seemed to feel like doing so was "taking away " from the piece a bit . . . Maybe because I put it together (silently/alone) using elements of my spirit – and that's rather abstract in a sense, I suppose – to where I found trying to apply language to it was awkward for me, to say the least! I wonder if anyone else had that type of issue, if they did an abstract representation and then used audio or video to describe/explain it? Anyway, thank you for checking out my Spark Page! 😃

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