Between Shades of Gray Ruta Sepetys

Pre-reading Questions

What is the name of your book?

Between Shades of Gray

What do you think the book will be about, judging from its cover and title?

I think this book will be about a girl going through a hard time. She will stand up for herself and others

What do you already know about this topic?

I know during the World War 2 period, many people were forced to hang their heads and remain quiet. Citizens living around Hitler ruled Germany were mistreated and even abused. Many people were not allowed to disagree with his ruling or speak up for themselves.

What have you personally experienced or observed about this topic?

I was not alive during this time, but after studying it in school, I can understand the hardships of a person forced to follow someone they don't agree with. I understand that people had to pray every night that the war won't take the life of a loved one or even themselves.

List words or phrases that you think will be important to the book.

Holocaust, War, brave, pray, believe, NKVD (police)

Write one sentence that you think summarizes what the book will be about.

A teenage girl living through the holocaust may need to take actions to save herself and others.

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