About the life of refugees

I think we greatly underestimate what refugees are going through and jump to giving ill-informed and insensitive remarks. This is something that has been bothering me for quite a while now and I believe it should bother everyone who has a reasonable mind.

Today, millions of people have been reduced to refugee status as a result of conflict situations. These unfortunate people are found in virtually all countries. Leaving his/her country for fear of persecution, these refugees are the bravest, at least in my mind, who are bold enough to venture out to live in a completely new place altogether. Not only do they have to assimilate into a new culture and geographical landscape, they have to fight and overcome the past which is, needless to say, an integral part of who they are.

To judge and belittle such people, in my opinion, is not only simply ridiculous but plain barbaric to say the least.

I cannot even imagine what it would feel like to be thrown out of my home, the city I grew up in, the place I had always held closer to my heart. To be expected to assimilate into a culture or to learn a language I had never spoken, all of a sudden ... would definitely knock the living daylights out of me.

Established in the year 1950, the UNHCR has been working to protect and help millions of refugees across the globe in starting their life anew. The least we could do is to speak kindly to and of these people.

Today, countries such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan, Kenya and so many others are on the list of conflict-ridden countries. We need to understand that the people residing in these countries are affected by war and terror and they are as much humans as we are. They have families like we do; they bleed the same way we would then why look down upon them with such indifference?

If any sensible person were to look at individual stories of people fleeing conflict zones and paused to think about their lives for a moment, how would it feel to be in those shoes which have toiled so hard?I don't think they would be insensitive then. To comment on the lives of refugees from the safe haven of your home where you have all the facilities in the world and not even an tiny insect can harm you, is the highest form of being insensitive.

Every day, I see small children with their limbs blown off or taken out of the rubble of collapsed buildings afters so many days and it tears my heart apart. And I honestly think that is the least I could do for them; to at least feel or say that I feel their pain in the slightest degree.

Those who want to close their doors in the face of refugees in such a situation makes me want to question a whole lot of things.

Before you judge, you need to realize many of the people who are forced to flee their countries, did not want to go to any other country in the first place. Many of these people wanted to die before having to leave their country and I say this based on many interviews and news clippings I have seen on TV and social media. To everyone who would be so delusional to think that refugees are faking even a single minute of their lives to get to a First-World country needs to get some quality education.

In fact, it also makes me question the person's upbringing.

I know for a fact that I have grown up as a person who would not even think ill for an animal. Not because I know that I am just as vulnerable and can get just as devastated when inflicted with a calamity but, because I truly am "humane" and cannot comprehend how someone could be so heartless so as to think about the various reasons refugees shouldn't be allowed to enter peaceful countries or that they are faking it all to have a chance at the "good life."

Having a heart doesn't cost a thing. Reading, when you don't know the facts doesn't cost a thing. Shedding a tear for and with the ones who have had to leave everything they valued, doesn't cost a thing. Be nice. And if you cannot be nice, then please be silent and do not spread hatred.

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