On November 4, 2008, you made history as the first African American to be elected president. On November 4, 2008, you proved to the whole world that forces of opposition can be overcome with courage, determination, and hope.
Throughout the 8 years of your presidency, you faithfully served your country, loved the world, and set an example to generations of future leaders and world changers.
More than just the President of the United States, you were also a leader of the people, a friend of the public, a father of every children, and an inspiration that embodies humility and commitment.
As an immigrant, I am grateful to have been sworn in under your presidency. Thank you for showing me that the American dream is achievable, as long as it is my own dream.
You have opened up a world of possibilities to all persons of colors, to every little girl and boy, to every person who was considered unworthy. Today, perhaps now more than ever, I am determined to protect and continue your legacy, and to not take this privilege that I am having for granted.
Thank you, for being my president!


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