Roaring 20's Making new changes to are world

The Great Gatsby- The book The Great Gatsby is full of drama with elegant parties. The book takes place in the Roaring Twenties when the economy was great and people would host elegant parties. The Great Gatsby is a story about a wealthy man named Jay Gatsby, and it is filled with rumors about him and the parties he would have. The story is told by a young writer named Nick Caraway who moved in across from Gatsby. After a while of them hanging out, Gatsby asked Nick about his cousin Daisy, who he had loved in the past, and begged Nick to bring her to one of his parties. Gatsby and Daisy met up again, and Daisy started sneaking behind her husband's back to see Gatsby who became her lover. Later on in the book, Daisy's husband finds out about Gatsby but at the same time Daisy finds out her husband has been cheating on her with Mrs. Wilson the whole time. Then one day Daisy accidentally killed her husband's lover, Mrs. Wilson by running her over. Instead of Daisy getting the blame Gatsby takes the blame and Mrs. Wilson's husband, Mr.Wilson, killed Gatsby.

The Black Duck by Janet Taylor Lisle, Black Duck is set new port Rhode island 1929. This book is about a reporter trying to get onto the daily newspaper so he goes to Ruben, a rumrunner to try and get a story. Ruben told him his story about him being suspected by and forced to work on the Black Duck by the captain of stealing something off the body of a dead man on the beach. This book connects to the Roaring twenties because it is a true story set in the Roaring twenties about Janet's father a member of the Black Duck being sunk in the Rhode island bay. "My father was eight in 1929, the year the rumrunner boat Black Duck was fired on by coast guard cutter across our bay, near Newport, Rhode Island." (Author Interview, ). Janet's father was trying to smuggle liquor a common thing to do in the time because of "The 18th Amendment to the Constitution, ratified in 1919, had banned the manufacture and sale of “intoxicating liquors,”. At this point in time we call it the prohibition ages. This is strongly represented in the Black Duck.

Many people found interesting ways to sneak liquor though. Like sewing special pockets in there shoes that can hold liquor or hiding it somewhere else on there person.

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