Exploring labels Annie Karim

I choose " Dorm Students" for my label.
We all expect dorm students to be on their best behaviors and be extremely rich. They usually tend to dress in style and usually possess expensive items that very few students can afford that are from here. Not only is their style different from us but we seem them as speaking proper English but with really strong accents. We also see them as honor/ AP students because they are constantly studying and getting excellent grades, but only are their grades good their attendance is also perfect.
There are are positive and negative stereotypes for dorm students. A positive stereotype is that they are smart and a negative stereotype is that they are considered " party poopers" becusse they are constantly studying
They are seen as having a " perfect" life

Social advantage for that group is that they are seen as rich and smart kids so everyone wants to be their friend but advantage is that they are always expected to be perfect, no matter what the situation is it effects them more on the negative side because these kids are always trying to please everyone around them they also have a lot of anxiety, stress and maybe even responsibility places on their shoulders that's should not be there because they are still just kids

They are considered desirable because they come from a different place and are stereotyped as being rich. It is considered high on the social ladder because we see them as having a easy life with no parental supervision

Zach- " when I think " dorm student" I think Asian kids

Colby- " when I think " Dorm students I think wealth

Hailey- " smart and nice"

Brandon- I think they are intellectually superior

Shannon- " very smart

When I went around asking people what they would label me I got many answers that I was actually expecting. I got smart, honor student, and preppie. I was not shocked by these labels because in school that's they only way they see me. Outside of school I'm kind of a different person everywhere I go. When I'm with my parents I'm considered a deviant because I'm loud and very outspoken when girls in my cultural need to be quite and proper. I always fight the norms in my cultural and that is why I am seen as a deviant in my families eyes. My friends see me as this hyper person who loves talking and arguing.
I choose the label " smart" because I kind of agree with it considering the fact that I love school and learning new things. There is a lot of responsibility, anxiety and street that comes with this label because I am expected by everyone to succeed in my academic life and always follow the rules. It seems like everyone expects me to be perfect and never do why thing exciting, but just because what I think is exciting is different from what they believe is exciting they judge me. This picture is at Prospect, ME. I went with my family to visit Fort Knox observatory because my family knows how much I love history. I found that to be fun even though most of my friends said that sounded " boring".

There are negative and positive aspects to being labeled " smart". Whenever I forgot to complete an assignment my teachers sometimes give me an extra day to complete it because they know I didn't purposely do it. Another positive thing about it is that I tend to try harder because of the label. A negative outcome is that the stress gets to me sometimes to the point where I can't function or do anything without thinking about my grades. I am really paranoid about my academic life. I feel as if people will be disappointed in me if I don't try hard and get good grades.

Thank you!


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