Homework for the holidays.

Esercizi compiti per le vacanze

Verbo essere

Forma affermativa. He is Australian

Forma negativa. He isn't Australian

Forma interrogativa. Is he Australian?

Verbo avere

Forma affermativa. You have got one sister

Forma interrogativa. Have you got a sister?

Forma negativa. I haven't a sister

Wh- Where,What, Who, How many, When.

1) What are your favourite subjects?

Where is Tom's friend?

Who is Dylan?

When is your birthday?

How many times have you got swim today?

Genitivo sassone

Lucy's school bag is near the desk.

This, That, These, Those, There is, There are

This vase is in the table near the glass.

That sofà is dirty

These dishes are between stone and sink

Those utensils are in the sink

Is there one bag for me?

Are there glasses in the bed?

Traduzione frasi

1) il figlio di mia sorella ha 15 anni.

2)Dove sono le borse dei tuoi nonni?

3) Quando è il compleanno della figlia di John?

4) Lei non ha fratelli

5) Noi stiamo veramente bene oggi

6) Quanto zucchero c'è sopra il tavolo?

7) C'è la tua cartella vicino alla scrivania di Susan

8) È un bellissimo cane, il suo nome è Lily

9) Noi abbiamo la colazione di mattina

10) Ci sono supermercati?

Pronomi personali

My parrot is very fidget

Your brother is beautiful

My brother loves sports. His favourite sport is football

Her work is very interesting

My littorio dog loves playing. Its favourite games is with the ball

Our homework are difficult

Your parents are very ugly

Their park is very big

Christmas' Eve

Antipasto" crostini al salmone" toast with salmon.

Ingredients: toast, salmon and mayonnaise.

First course "polipo e patate" potatoes and octopus.

Ingredients: potatoes, octopus, carrots, celery parsley.


Ingredients: pasta frolla, chocolate, and sugar.

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