Strategic Alliances Jay & Riley

A strategic alliance is formed between two or more corporations, each based in their home country, for a specified period of time. Unlike a joint venture, a new company is not formed.

Jay's corporation: the Jayleenian Fish Farm. Based out of the Bahamas, this is the largest industry (and corporation) in the country, and has locations in most of Middle America, Indonesia, and Europe.

Riley's corporation: Largecompanysellingfishingsupplies, Inc. Based in Brazil, Riley's company (nicknamed RodCo.) wants to partner with Jayleen's fish farms to move from the local level to international.

Shortly after the two met, the strategic alliance (nicknamed Fishnet Power) is formed.

110% real shot of alliance forming

The following four years were a blur. Fishnet Power made 17,800% more money together than they did separately.

Jayleenia's Fish Farms sold LCSFS rods, lures, bait, bobbers, tackle boxes, nets, boats, fishing licenses. LCSFS sold tours of the farms and lakes that JFF owned, fishing licenses, etc. and all was good.

Early prototype of LCSFS rod9000, the most revolutionary rod ever
Farmed-In-Jayleenia fish

To make a large impact on the community and generate interest, LCSFS decided to donate %14,0000,0,,00,,0,000,0,0 (equivalent to about 77,655,425,429 USD today) to charity, and in the process, destroyed hunger in Africa and kept the anti-world companies from "anti-ing" the world.

Eventually, LCSFS decided to follow in JFF's footsteps and move internationally. The first out-of-Brazil facility started in Arles, France in 2193 and opened on March 17, 2194. Come 2200, LCSFS had 14 new locations covering most of Europe, as well as two in Australia. All was incredible.

The end?

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