Christine Wallers The Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University Quarantine CRew Project 2020

h. (2020)

14 3/4 in. X 14 in, ink, graphite, hand rendered cuts

"h. (2020) is the latest addition to my on-going “cut out" series. Over the past six years, I’ve been cultivating a technique on paper that involves inking, drawing, carving, and cutting the surface of the page. This process has yielded a series of works that appear on the verge of disintegration; some of them holding on by thin fibers. This is intentional as I experiment with formal elements of shape, border, surface, and weight, testing the strength and structure of the two-dimensional page."

h. (2020), documented while in progress
h. (2020) view of completed work

Copper Agnes (2020)

6 ft X 6 ft X 4 in (d), magnets and copper wire

Copper Agnes is a site-specific installation in my studio’s west-facing, 6 X 6” steel framed doorway. I was anxious to realize this installation that until now has only resided as a sketch in my journal and as a study on my wall. It consists of copper wire and magnets: material that is reflective, conductive, attractive, and repellent. I am working with the element of energy in it’s extreme and I remind myself to respect it. Energy is a quality that I want to harness.

All my work necessitates movement. Both Copper Agnes and h. require viewers to move around the work in order to activate their energies. My installations and works on paper have always felt related and making them simultaneously during this project has shown me just how dynamic that relationship can be.