Spike My MVSA: Most Valuable Stuffed Animal

I have a stuffed dog named Spike. He is very cute and he is a good learner. He goes to school with me. I can tell you some info about him.

Born: July 4th, 2016

Friends: Monkey, Teddy, Samantha.

Loves: Books, Lunch, obstacles, Mom, Auntie.

Favorite subject: Dance Class

Age: 9

His pasta bowl after winning pasta for pennies.

Family:€ Michelle(Mom),€ Vanessa(Aunt), Brothers: Rainbow dinosaur¥, Peter¥, Angle¥, Jake, Erin, Jason, Buddy, Sisters: Tasha¥, Katherine¥, "Ellie¥, Alexandra, Jade, Cousins Sisters: £¥Baby Teddy Bear,£ Elizabeth, £Elizy,£ Eliz,¥£Clowey, Cousin Brothers: ¥£Frogie,£ Uniquewa,¥£ Sabashtin.

(All are stuffed animals except Michelle and Vanessa.)(Cousins are Vanessa's stuffed animals.)(Some are lost.)

¥= lost. €=human. £= Vanessa's stuffed animals

Activities: K-kids, Basketball, Safety portal, after school swim and Swim Team, O-R, and Student Council.

He is a very smart genius and is ready to learn each day, fallows derections, and has fun all at the same time.

He and his friends meet at our school and they go outside with us to meet, they have fun and try to remember the good times.This his diary, I fell bad for you cause this is going to take years! I hope your comfortable because your not going ANYWHERE!

Spike's Diary Chapter 1

Dear Diary, Today was bad at first, for breakfast Michelle only gave me a sausage, we're is my steak! Sorry, I got a little to carried away and as I was saying, then I had to take bath and it was horrible, I was all fuzzy. Michelle had to go to school so I slept while she was at school.........Meanwhile. Yay! She is back! I'm hungry. Speaking of hungry she did not give me my steak,so I gave her my cute eyes, and.................she gave me steak! I helped her with her homework and she gave me more steak. Next, I went to go meet my other stuffed animal friend, Sabashtin. He is with my aunt, Vanessa. We took a walk, then we got back home to get ready for dance class, Vanessa is our teacher. In dance class I had to demenstrate for the class with Sabashtin. Next we ate snack, Michelle was there because she plays the piano for us. After that we went home to practice, All of us mastered our lines, even Michelle.

Chapter 2

Dear Diary, Why does it have to be Friday?! I don't want to tell you this but I have a friend problem, I don't know who to choose! Fine, I will go with.........Meanwhile, I did it, but she got really mad at me. You see, I'm the radest, coolest guy in school.

Foods Spike Eats: Meat, Fish, Dog Food, seaweed, and others.

Chapter 3

Dear Diary, I'm going to a dance competition and everyone in the school is going to be there, here are the moves I've got:

  • 360
  • Airborne
  • Windmill
  • Safe
  • Backbeat
  • Moonwalk
  • The Running Man

So I'm hoping that I win and bring back the trophy, I will tell you when I bring it and I will show you the trophy.

Chapter 3

Dear Diary, Today I went to a all around the world festival, it was crazy how I saw dancers and festival games, I saw these countries:

  • Nigeria
  • Mexico
  • China
  • India
  • Portiruco
  • Brazil
  • Norway
  • Korea
  • Gana
  • Poland
  • Canada
  • Greenland
  • Japan
  • Russia

We got to choose a country out of a bucket and I got China. I got special things from China like a silk robe. We played a Chinese game and I got to join the karate porformance, and it was cool when I got to jump off the stage in Michelle's arms.

I got to see a play about a Chinese king, we had lots of fun and we rode a big roller coaster that had loops and we rode on a dragon.

Chapter 4

Dear Diary, today was a awesome day because we had the dance competition and I won! I like my trophy. This is sad ........................................................Sabashtin died, he died because he got lost. Ever since I have been lonely and afraid that someday that will happen to me.


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