GEDCO Cares Housing Assistance Giana LaBanca, April 1, 2017

It is safe to say that GEDCO's greatest accomplishment to date, is Stadium Place, which was established in 2011. Stadium Place is a complex that includes 340 apartments for low-income seniors. It also includes a YMCA, a community playground, and a recently completed baseball field.

This housing complex helps a population that is not only struggling to take care of themselves with age but also to support themselves economically as well. As rent rises each year, the income of the average senior citizen will remain the same. Green House is the next project that GEDCO took on to help senior citizens. The cost of this creation was 12.6 millions dollars.

Green house has come to house many residents in need of 24-hour care. All rooms include a communal area with a fireplace and a dining area for all residents. Each and every floor has a porch with a view of the playground and baseball field, on the lower level, there will be a large therapy room and a beauty salon.

This project comes after the creation of affordable housing complexes like Harford and Micah House. Residents of these houses came from emergency shelters and were dealing with challenges such as addictions, mental illnesses, physical disabilities, loss of employment and low educational achievement.

At these houses they were given services that include: health screening and education sessions, cooking classes, computer and paper-based tutoring, and legal advice. Homelessness plagues Baltimore. According to Health Care For the Homeless, Inc. – at least 3,000 people in Baltimore will suffer from homelessness on any given night. GEDCO CARES is addressing very urgent and real issues in our community. The video below is an example of someone experiencing homelessness who benefited from the Harford House.

There are certain circumstances that become barriers to housing that are hard for an individual to escape without assistance. GEDCO also recognized how senior citizens are one of the most important populations in our community that we need to take care of. This senior housing allows seniors to remain engaged and connected to their community.

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