Horses How hOrses BENEFITED us

One of the strongest animals in the big five!

Horses where the perfect battle animals, they were strong, fast, tall and fear inducing nothing could reach them! Being able to ride a horse was a huge advantage. Whenever there was a battle, whom ever rode the horse was most likely to win. During the battel the swords man could hold out his sword to kill the enemys while the horses would run. Anyone unlucky enough to be under the horses would be trampled to death. If you where a Inca Imagine a 1,129 to 908 pound animal running towards you yikes!

Althought used for war they also made great farm animals!

Horses may seem terrifying from afar in a battel they are actually sweet and have a easy temperment along with the fact they only eat plants makes them great for farming! At first horses where only used for meat as they are a walking 1,000 pound surplus but as soon as people figurged out how to ride them the worlds technology went off in a blast! Horses are used for farming because they are stronger than almost any human so they could plow the field much faster than any human alive!

A advantage of the conquistadors having horses was they devolved immunitys to certain sicknesses.

After the war people could get sick from lack of live stock. In fact horses carried a disease if you would not have been around horses this disease could be fatal. Anthrax is a naturally occurring disease of animals. People can get anthrax when they accidentally breathe in or swallow something contaminated like soil, food, or water. The symptoms of anthrax depend on the type of infection and can take anywhere from 1 day to more than 2 months to appear. If anthrax is still unoticed this may cause death.

Horses are often mistreated when they are to old.

The situation of horses today is often terrible, one example of this is when a race horse is to old and not able to race anymore they are often neglected and not cared for. Fifty percent of foals and one third percent of fully grown horses have undersized stalls. Sixty to ninety percent of race horses devolve thrush (a fungus/bactria inside the horses hoof) from not being cleaned. This was very common back when horses where used for battle.

Most horses can run a top speed of 88 km!

In captivity, there are currently nine million horses in the the United States of America. The average number of off springs a horse can have is usually one or two.

Most horses are trained at just three years old!

The domestication of horses was one of the humans most helpful achievements. Now we could travel much faster and develope huge surpluses. Horses can also be used to smooth roads while the horse walks the metal horse shoe one the bottom of their hooves will compact and smooth the ground. Although horses helped with finishing roads if the Horshoe was to break and the rider was not aware, the sharp rocks could cut the horse and the injury could get infected.

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