Who am I? SAmantha Townsend

Table of Contents

  • Slide 3- who do I think I was
  • Slide 4- analyzing interest profiler
  • Slide 5- analyzing ideas
  • Slide 6- analyzing workplace importance locator
  • Slide 7- career Cluster

Table of Contents Cont...

  • Slide 8- what careers interest me
  • Slide 9- what education is required
  • Slide 10- what schooling options am I willing to consider
  • Slide 11- what companies would I like to work for

Who did i think i was?

  • Strengths: social, outgoing, hands-on
  • Weaknesses: investigative, follower, group projects
  • Plans/Goals: premed @ Corban University, Portland Medical, pediatrician

analyzing Interest Profiler

Interest profiler

"Interests are good to use because you probably will find that occupations that meet your interests will be more satisfying"

  • Top three: social 25, investigative 17, artistic 16
  • Bottom three: enterprising 6, realistic 4, conventional 1

Analyzing Top score and bottom

  • Social 25: work activities that assist others and promote learning and personal development
  • Conventional 1: work activities that follow set procedures

analyzing IDEAS

iDEAS High interest

  • Realistic: nature
  • Investigative: medical
  • Artistic: creative arts
  • Social: community service and child care
  • Conventional: food service

analyzing iDEAS Average Interest

  • Realistic: mechanical and protective services
  • Investigative: mathematics and scientific
  • Artistic: writing arts
  • Social: educating
  • Enterprising: public speaking, business, and sales
  • Conventional: office practices

analyzing workplace importance locator

workplace importance locator

"work activities that assist others and promote learning and personal development"

  • Highest value: achievement 21, recognition 20
  • Somewhat important: working conditions 18, relationships 18, independence 18, support 14

analyzing workplace importance average score and highest

  • Achievement and Recognition: like the feeling of accomplishment and being recognized for it
  • Average score (18): working conditions, relationships, and independence

analyzing career clusters

Career cluster

  • Top 3: health science 15, hospitality and tourism 15, human services 15
  • Median: government and public administration 10, public safety/law 10
  • Bottom 3: transportation 6, manufacturing 5, information tech 4

what careers interest me?

  • Cardiovascular technologists and technicians: help doctors identify/treat cardiac problems
  • Nurse Anesthetists: administer anesthesia to patients before surgery
  • Pediatrician: provide medical care for infants to young adults

Wages of careers of interest

  • Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians: Earn $59,820 per year
  • Nurse Anesthetist: Earn $160,043 per year
  • Pediatrician: Earn $152,251 per year


What education is required?

  • Cardiovascular Technologists: high school diploma and at least an associates
  • Programs of study for Cardio Tech: anatomy, biology, and chemistry
  • Nurse Anesthetists: diploma, nursing program, masters program, residency, RN
  • Programs of study for Nurse Anesthetists: advanced anatomy, biology, and chemistry
  • Pediatrician: diploma, bachelor's, med school, internship, licensing exam, residency, board certified
  • Programs of study for Pediatricians: anatomy, biochemistry, medicines

schooling Options

For all careers of my interest the schooling options I have considered are...

  • Pre-medicine: this includes the basics, biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, Organic chem
  • Universities offer bachelor's degrees
  • Medical school: advanced course
  • Universities and medical schools offer medical degrees (full time study 4yr)
  • Residency: on the job training (paid)

Cost at Grand Canyon University

  • Estimated tuition and fees: $17,050
  • Estimated room and board charges: $8,550
  • Estimated cost of books and supplies: $800
  • Estimated other expenses: $5,700
  • Estimated total cost of attendance: $32,100
  • Estimated total grant aid: $7,000

What companies i am considering?

  • Mental Health Services: pediatrician for the anxiety and panic attack resource in Idaho
  • Pediatrician for St. Luke's Health System (first choice)

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