Journey to the plants A Water Cycle Journey

Christopher was zooming down the hill trying to get to the Ocean. Other water droplets were trying to get to the ocean too before they evaporated. Water droplets were evaporating into the Air. There were only 2 water droplets left going down the hill. Christopher and Aqua. Aqua was a turqoise water droplet who was new to H2O City. As him and Aqua raced down the hill to the ocean, Christopher started to evaporate. As he flew into the air he looked down and saw aqua go into the ocean. It started to get really bright. Christopher landed on something as fluffy as cotton candy. He stood up and lost his balance and fell onto the fluffy thing. His hand went straight through it, like a hot knife through butter. The fluff screamed out loud and started crying and that's when Christopher realized he was precipitating through the air. Christopher screamed as he was certain he would fall to his death. He then found himself in Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Christopher was in awe at all the fish he was looking at. But his time at the lake turned very short as he had that familiar feeling of his body disappearing. He soared into the sky and went on the soft thing again. "This must be a cloud", He thought. The cloud moved the sway of a cradle, and Christopher slowly started to fall asleep

Christopher woke up and immediately felt compressed against the ground. He started to panic but only realized he would only have to wait this whole thing out. He was ground water, he was in storage, and there was nothing he could do about it.

approximately one thousand years later...

Christopher was in a tree. He hadn't known how he got there but he was ok about it. He knew there was no way out of this.

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