(Week 2) w/c 20th March 2017 Reflective Journal by Dziliana Vorobjova

Week 20/03 - 27/03

This week we did our presentations. Throughout Monday - Friday, Harry and I worked on summarizing our ideas and creating the slides. We were given guidelines to follow to do our presentation. We did a practice round on Thursday and we were one of the ones who did the best in our group. Adam told us that Level 3 needs to take examples from us which has made me feel very relieved and happy. However, there is always room for improvement. We were told to explain more in detail about our game concept and art style, and why we chose for it to be that way. We were also told to explain our roles as a team.

We chose to do our presentation on Google Drive so that we can edit it together.

We have been researching about the age ratings to decide what our audience should be for the game. Initially, we wanted for our game to be PEGI 12 to have a broader audience and to make the game more accessible for players. However, because our game includes criminal activity, violence and (perhaps) drugs due to the Yakuza, we had to go with PEGI 16. Adam commented that the game seems like it would be more of a PEGI 18, however, I aim to make the violence stylized (nothing too graphic) and the concept of drugs to be more younger-audience friendly.

Me and Harry had meetings on Discord where we discussed our game ideas and kept working on the presentation slides. We thought of our team name (Catbox Studios) and game name (Guilt Street). Harry randomly came up with the studio name from spending time with his cats. I thought it was really cute and we thought of a really good studio logo that would suit the name. Meanwhile, I have thought of multiple ideas for our game title. Some of the ideas were Honey Blood, Dead Wrong, Godless Girl, Guilt Street, etc.

I wanted to go with Honey Blood as I thought it would suit the whole game's aesthetic. Honey representing the feminine and 'pure' side of the game, and Blood representing the dark and more twisted side of the game. However, Harry preferred to go with Guilt Street as our game is based on making difficult choices for people with different morals, including betrayal and possible guilt that would come from certain endings; and Street is included because the game takes place in secretive alleys. Adam suggested that we should do Crossroads but it sounds too generic and simple, and I don't imagine Crossroads gathering people's attention.

On Friday, we presented our game idea. We believe that we've done really well, considering ours covered all the points, except for the feedback. David said that we could work more on researching how we could receive feedback for our game, and I agree. If I were to do the presentation again, I would've included social media like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. to gain publicity for our game. Looking back at at the presentations that my peers did, some of them were really long or lacked information. In my opinion, we did it with confidence and ambition. We were only asked 2 questions, which makes us assume that we included enough information in our presentation.

Due to us focusing on our presentations this week, we decided to do research on the next week. With the lost time, we plan on doing extensive research from many different various sources.


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