Monthly newsletter June 2017

Slovak project team

We continued with P2P lessons at our school

The project students shared information about robotic and programming to their younger classmates
Every P2P lesson was a part of studied subjects at our school
We implemented P2P lessons in technology and ICT
Students were very interested in these lessons...
...they worked in groups and every task was a challenge for them

The great success not for only our team but for whole project team was the winning in national competition

Diploma for winner in cathegory Project Erasmus+
Our robotic project was the best Erasmus+ project made in eTwinning platform
"Project girls" introduced our robotic project to representatives of Ministry of education, science, research and sport of the Slovak Republic
and representatives of National support service (eTwinning) and other students and teachers of invited slovak schools
The prizes were handed over the vice-rector for international relations and marketing, University of Zilina
This national competition of eTwinning projects has long-term tradition
It is organized under the auspices of University of Zilina
and here is our winning team

We didn't forget to finish necessary tutorials before going on holiday

Spanish project team

The students from Spanish project team also gave P2P lessons to their classmates

The students learned how to make the robot turns using a large motor and a loop. Students had fun making the robot form a square on the table
How to turn robot using degrees and large motor
How to make a tour of Europe, using the move-steering block, the large motors, and the degrees to turn at precise angles
How to use colour sensor
How to use the medium motor, and take a wooden block to each of the countries on the mat
The director of the Spanish school gave Peer-to-Peer Learning Students a certificate for having participation in the lessons
Here is the most important feedback

They all said they had fun and they have learned a lot about robotics

Turkish project team
Students continued with P2P lessons too
There was an open robotic week at Turkish school in the first week in June
2200 students from secondary schools and 2000 students from primary schools and their parents and more than 250 teachers visited Turkish school and project students gave them information about robotic project
Students involved in robotic project joined the science fest in Istanbul
Turkish project team has been awarded by national education ministry and introduced the project
Polish project team

There was also the time for dissemination of the project results and new experiences and knowledge at Polish school

Project students introduced the project all over Cracow

It seems that everybody was interested in the youngests and the oldest ones as well

Greek project team
The students that took part in this project tried to teach younger students about robotics and about everything that they learned on how to protect the environment
The younger students were thrilled on learning about robotics on how they move, how they grab things and complete the missions
Almost all of the younger students said that they want to do more about robotics and that they want to continue the classes during the summer

The robotic project is at the end, but we decided to continue in "mission" and future results of our work you can find on Twinspace

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