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Hormones and Weight


Sometimes 3 Pillars seems like a science class...right?!?

This is because your body and how it works is the basis for all we do. Science has shown that if you are fat, thin or in between this is merely your body's response to its biochemistry. Your body shape is not caused by you being lazy, undisciplined or overeating. These are normally the symptoms of an unbalanced endocrine system. We say normally because there are diseases which can cause this as well.

The 3 Pillar solution is to get all of this under control. If we were to boil it down we are coaching you daily to do the following:

• Naturally balance your hormones through nutrition & exercise

• Remove inflammation from your body

• Teach you WHY and not just WHAT TO DO.

• Show you how you can do this daily...for life

As part of our ongoing Hormonal Education and to follow up on the last 2 weeks of 3 Pillar Classes please watch the video from the KHANAcademy AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

Come to the 3 Pillar Health Seminar on Sunday Oct. 29th at 2 PM. You will learn skills which will last a lifetime.

To RSVP you can also call 850-329-5302 or email marciarobbins@fyw30a.com

If you have any questions give us a call!

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