vitamins und minerals Scotty Buhler

Water Soluble: If something can dissolve into water
Vitamin B (folic acid) Function: helps body make new cells. Deficiency: spine difida- defects the spinal cord. Food Sources: dark green, leafy veggies
Vitamin C Function: protects body against infection. Deficiency: bleeding gums and skin hemorrhages. Food Sources: citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes
Fat Soluble: Vitamins that can dissolve or be carried by fat.
Vitamin K Function: helps blood clot normally. Deficiency: bleeding and bruising. Food Sources: dark green, leafy veggies
Vitamin A Function: promotes good vision, hair, and skin. Deficiency: night blindness. Food Sources: red, orgage, green veggies
Vitamin D Function: builds and maintains bones and teeth. Deficiency: rickets (bowed legs). Food Sources: milk, dairy, sunlight
Vitamin E Function: protects membrain of red and white blood cells. Deficiency: poor nerve connection. Food Sources: oil, fruits, veggies
Calcium Function: strengthen bones and teeth. Deficiency: steoporosis- bones becoming weak. Food Sources: milk, dairy, whole grains
Iron Function: make red blood cells. helps muscles use oxygen. Deficiency: anemia (low red blood cells). Food Sources: meat, animal products
Sodium and Potassium function: maintain fluid balance in body. deficiency: muscle cramps and seizures. Food Sources: salt, fruits, veggies


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